Sounds a bit fishy…

IMG_0025I grew up in East Brisbane and coming home to visit always throws up something interesting. I love my early morning walks threading my way through the backstreets, enjoying the changing face of the suburb and smiling at the growing sophistication that’s come to a working class suburb.

Nothing shows that cosmopolitan journey more than the industries and commerce that now sit cheek by jowl with the newly renovated houses. There used to be rope factories and engineering workshops, butcher shops and corner stores. Today it’s a little different.

Yesterday I caught sight of an advert on the side of a restored old queenslander. It stopped me mid-stride. Fish Pedicures?

It sounded both exotic and decadent. I had to know more, though it seems I’m behind the times…

Dr Fish have been around for many years, but in about 2006 the first commercial spa operations opened. In 2008 they cracked the American market. Seems the busy little toothless fish eat dead skin and have been living in outdoor spas in countries like Turkey for years doing their own brand of public service.

America got a little antsy  last year and state officials have closed down many of the operations due to concerns about transmittable diseases. But the tiny fish have their fans and watchdog groups are hitting back with their own lawsuits.

Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures

Healing Hands doesn’t list the quirky pedicures on their site, but they certainly have a banner proclaiming it’s availability. Now I just have to decide whether I (or any of my heroines) really want to be fish food…


9 thoughts on “Sounds a bit fishy…

  1. Thanks Catherine, Mum was looking much brighter today.

    If I get the time to slide my feet into a fishpond I will let everyone know what it’s like!!

  2. Hi Helene,
    I hope your Mum is on the improve and is still being well cared for.

    I’ve seen things about these fish pedicures overseas and I’d love to try – even though I have ticklish feet! Just watching fish pick at coral looks so soothing, so to feel them cleaning your feet would be the same, I think!

    Take care Helene,

  3. Yeah, I know Helene, but honestly, the thought of anything nibbling me in water and I hear John Williams’ theme from Jaws. The grey nurses don’t bother me but I wouldn’t want to find myself in the water with a GW (that’s great white not Graham). Having said this I have to admit that one of my stories has two ‘evolved’ very large great whites in it. Don’t think I’ve told you about that one yet – it’s called EarthMother.

  4. They’re only teensy weensy little fish, Sandy…. Not a white pointer or grey nurse amongst them!

    And Bron, I hope that fire warmed your toes up – I’m sure the little fish could fix frost bite as well!

  5. Having had my diver’s licence for some time and seen some big things in the ocean, I for one, definitety do NOT want to experience anything with fins nibbling on me!

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