Fly, be free

Shattered Sky has been released.

We had a fabulous party at Glaskins Gallery on Friday night. Garry, Lyn, Jason, Karen and Chrissie were wonderful hosts, as they were last year. Kerstin and Lexi from Collins Booksellers at Smithfield set up a lovely display of Shattered Sky and Wings of Fear (Border Watch). Chris Chua’s beautiful paintings made a stunning backdrop and reminded us all that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Thanks everyone for making it such a great night. I hope you enjoy the story 🙂


Me with Kerstin Brown (Collins Booksellers) and Jenny Gibbs(Hachette)

Glaskins Gallery

Team Glaskin in a strategy huddle

Shattered Sky, Helene Young

My Navy expert, Justin.

Helene Young, Trinity Beach, Shattered Sky

Avril, Alan and Tony from Trinity Beach

Helene Young, Shattered Sky

Who knew I was so short... Robert, Mark and Chris

Shattered Sky

Thanks to everyone for celebrating with me!


11 thoughts on “Fly, be free

  1. Cathy and Brenda, nothing’s changed between the covers of Wings of Fear from the original story Border Watch so some stores won’t be stocking it until they sell out of Border Watch.

    The next one is due in Feb/March 2012 – Burning Lies!!!

  2. Thanks Eleni!!

    Sandy, glad you approve of the hair cut – I still have moments of longing for my very orderly bob but my hairdresser is convinced I need to be more funky! And I do love her dearly!!

  3. Congrats Helene..I purchased my copy of Shattered Sky a few days ago, but can’t seem to find Wings of Fear anywhere! I borrowed Border Watch from the library, and enjoyed it immensely, so decided to buy it and Shattered Sky, so I can put them in my library of loved books 🙂 I’ll just keep looking.:)
    Love your launch photos too..

  4. Hi Helene,

    Glad to see the number of supporters hasn’t dropped. Hope you had a nice Valentines Day. Nice hair by the way, last time I saw you it was bobbed, I like this, very modern. 🙂

  5. Thanks Fiona, it was a very lovely evening.

    Phillipa, I’m relieved you’re enjoying it – I fret when people whose work I admire are reading my books…

    Thanks Suzanne. I always forget that I’m not that tall then I see a photo and go ‘huh?’ I think I must have been very tall in a previous life 🙂

    Karly, congrats on being a three time finalist at the ARRA awards! Go girl! I’m clearly not the only one who loves Fallout and Operation Summer Storm!!

  6. Great Post… A lovely launch… It put a smile on my face. wish I could have been there… Oh I don’t think you’re that short… It’s men, they appear a lot taller. lol. 🙂

    Suzanne 🙂

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