The coming of Yasi

For as long as there’s power I plan on blogging and twittering the goings-on in Cairns as Cyclone Yasi bears down on the coast.

This link will take you to a pretty spectacular satellite link that shows the extent of Yasi –

How bad will it be? No-one knows that answer and the authorities are certainly erring on the side of caution.

A report on the ABC Catalyst back in 2001 makes interesting reading and Jonathon Nott makes a compelling case that the time is near for a ‘Super Cyclone.’

This week the temperature in the atmosphere between eight thousand and sixteen thousand feet was unusually warm. Today, as I flew several sectors up the coast from Brisbane to Cairns, the temperature was back in its usual range. That suggests the warm air is subsiding and that might take the wind out of Yasi’s sails. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night…


4 thoughts on “The coming of Yasi

  1. That’s quite a signifigant drop then if the temp is normally steady. I hear that they have evacuated some GA aircraft to Mareeba

  2. Thanks Fleur, but I think Innisfail is more in the path than we are…

    Cathy it was 15 degrees at 10,000 heading down an 10 degrees coming home. That might not seem a lot but it is very steady at around 9- 10 degrees all year.

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