25 thoughts on “I’m celebrating the ARRC2011 awards!!

  1. No worries, Cathy. Hope the hospital visit on Friday all goes to plan and you’re home with your feet up early!

    Did you watch Four Corners last night on the the A380?

  2. Sorry, Helene, can’t think of any topic. Am due to go into hospital Friday for surgery, bit brain dead at the moment

  3. I am so so so thrilled for you Helene! You are so deserving of this award, and it is so wonderul that what we’ve always known – the readers love your work!!

    Amanda x

  4. Thanks Karly, so good to catch up again with you and you’re lovely friend! Great to see friendships enduring 🙂

    I’ve thought of a topic for your blog visit. How does a discussion about the community of writing sound, where we draw our support from etc??? (Ladies – Sandy and Cathy, I’m looking at your two here – feel free to suggest a topic for a discussion with Karly Lane on my blog!)

  5. Sandy, my ‘anywhere, anytime’ job is becoming all consuming at the moment! I’ll give Zeus and G a pat when I get home. For once, G didn’t attend the convention with me so we’ll be celebrating tomorrow 🙂

    Lol, Cathy, all members of ‘Academy’ were duly thanked!!

  6. WOWEEEE!!!!! Absolutely brilliant, Helene! I’m honestly in awe of all you accomplish with your day job and your anywhere, anytime job. Well done you! 🙂

    And a big congrats to G for being the outstanding prop he is. Oh, and I suppose Zeus should get a mention to – or at least a pat. 🙂

  7. Thanks, Rach. When they announced it I couldn’t quite make my legs work to stand up!! It’s the first writing award I’ve ever won and it’s extra sweet because it’s predominantly voted on by readers !

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