Quiet corners

In the middle of cities I love finding quiet corners where time seems to have stopped. In Brisbane, where so much has changed from my childhood, ANZAC Square and the Shrine of Remembrance with its Eternal Flame always draws me back.

Whether I’m walking through it on the way from the bus stop late at night after visiting Mum or striding through it in the early morning dawn before I start work, I always find my feet slowing, my mind settling.

The flood of people, spilling from the underpasses to the nearby train station, flows to the neighbouring steel and glass buildings. Those buildings should dwarf the old shrine but somehow they don’t.

Brisbane Shrine of Remembrance in ANZAC Square


8 thoughts on “Quiet corners

  1. Oh Lord, Helene, I wish. But humans just can’t seem to play together nicely. 🙁

    Hope you got a happy post coming 🙂

  2. Indeed, Sandy!

    Cathy, I can’t go to the War Memorial in Canberra because those long lists of names reduce to me to tears.

    Apparently this memorial in Brisbane has 18 columns because peace was signed in 1918. It would be lovely if we learnt some of the lessons from earlier wars…

  3. That round memorial style is also used at our WW1 memorial in Kew. It was and to some extent still is a large and welathy Jewish area, so this style was selected as appropriate. The said thing is how many names there are on it )(including 8 nurses) Kew was an outlying village at the time…….

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