Back yard blitz

The back yard make-over is almost finished!

We still have some re-planting to do and a path of pavers to lay, but hopefully the drainage issues are solved. Next time we get 200 mms of rain in a day Zeus won’t have wet feet! (And GW and I won’t be waiting apprehensively with brooms to keep the water out of the house…)

Thanks to Mark and Dave for making it all happen:-) Hope your next job is less stressful.


14 thoughts on “Back yard blitz

  1. I’m getting used to it Brenda, although Zeus continues to toss accusing glances our way as if it to say ‘what was wrong with the grass, you silly humans?’

    We’ve left a narrow strip by the front drive so he can roll in the sun – the simple joys of a Staffy 🙂

  2. I understand. Sometimes it’s better to listen to what your garden is trying to tell you. Mine’s being saying ‘forget English flowers’ for ten years and I’m only just starting to agree.

  3. From boggy lush grass to pebbles, Phillipa. I’ve always been a grass girl so we persevered for 14 yrs with a mud bath in the wet season. Zeus left muddy prints on the white tiles, the smell got a little intense and we had to whipper snipper as you couldn’t get a lawn mower onto it without bogging.

    This year I surrendered…. So no more wet back yard and I can replant the garden so it can overhang the pebbles. A whole new gardening experience awaits me!

  4. Thanks, Tina, we had to have brooms at the ready at the height of the wet season as the water wasn’t clearing away hence the major works. Much easier now!

  5. Not flying yesterday, bloody awful weather. Magie was off to Sydney, Virgin cancelled her flight as the incoming plane from the Gold Coast could not land at MELm (Check the METAR) and I think Sydney was having similar problems

  6. Hey Helen

    Looking so much better – that much rain is a nightmare inmost days, add to it an upturned yard = disaster waiting to rush through house – no wonder you had the broom ready…and sandbags???

    Its back to a tropical paradise. Well done!

    Bye 4 now

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