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A few years ago I spent a wonderful creative week tucked up in the Blue Mountains at Varuna. Under the guidance of Peter Bishop I worked on the manuscript that eventually became Shattered Sky. The serenity gave me time to write, Peter’s quiet wisdom opened doors to new possibilities, and the companionship of other writers provided encouragement and support.

In 2014 I have the opportunity to be involved in something similar which will allow me to give something back to the writing community or  pay it forward if you like. I’m delighted to be part of a team of writers who’ve been brought together by Steve Rossiter to run a series of Novel Writing Retreats.  We’ll be working at a property south of Hobart and I’ll be there in June, mentoring six writers as they work on their writing project.

There are ten retreats throughout the year. All the details can be found here :

This is a wonderful opportunity for writers at all stages of their careers with work with Australian and International authors. Whatever your genre there’s something for everyone in this innovative programme.


7 thoughts on “Novel Writing Retreats Australia

  1. Writers might also be interested in La Muse Writers & Artists Retreat in southern France, where I am now. This is a wonderful and affordable retreat set in a village in the mountains bordering Spain, where writers and artists gather for one, two or three week (or longer) retreats in an 11th Century, 10-bedroom house owned by writers John Fanning and his partner Kerry. It is self-catering and we have the freedom to work at will, but with guidelines for quiet times. I love it here: it keeps me focused, and is inspiring, beautiful and even magical, especially at night under the massive stars. #retreats #France

  2. Yes, it will be winter near Hobart. However, the property has air-conditioner style heating.

    Environmentally conscience people will be happy to know that the windows are double-glazed to keep in the warmth, that there is a large solar panel on the roof and that Tasmania uses hydro-electric power.

    Everyone will be comfortable in an energy-efficient manner. 🙂

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