Recharging the batteries at Fraser Island

Slowly, slowly we’re heading south. After a huge week driving from Hervey Bay to Brisbane and back for a meeting we decided we’d recharge our batteries wandering the coast of Fraser Island. The world’s largest sand island has given us many wonderful holidays over the years and it’s always peaceful – perfect for letting go of the stress.

We’re anchored north of Wathumba Creek, without another boat in sight. The island seems to breed its own weather so after a delicate blushing sunrise we’ve had clear bright sunshine, followed by pouring rain! Diversity is the key – a bit like writing really 🙂


We paddled the kayaks ashore and decided to tackle one of the sand blows which are dotted along the island. This one’s pretty steep, but the view was worth it! Graham kindly offered to be the splash of colour for me in the foreground.

The view sweeps across to Hervey Bay and north towards Bundaberg. It was worth the burn in my legs and my pounding heart!

After a wander along the beach we headed back to Roobinesque for lunch. It’s writing time for me this afternoon -feels good to have enough emotional energy for the words to flow again. My next project is very different, and it’s under wraps for now, but hopefully I can share news of it soon!

Until then I’ll leave you with some more photos from our walk. Happy Sunday 😀


Vigilant hunter in the shallows


A fishing dinghy thought we’d found the perfect spot and joined us!


Weather building over Fraser Island.


6 thoughts on “Recharging the batteries at Fraser Island

  1. Ha Helene you mentioned the word ‘stress’ in your blog. It’s seems hard to imagine this even rates a mention in your vocabulary & idyllic life whilst I scroll through the photographs & dream of bobbing about on a yacht in crystal clear waters. Life sometimes blind sides us though & we all endeavour to lead stress free live but hey, that’s entirely impossible in my scheme of things. Lovely to hear that words are flowing again with the next edition. We are all hanging out for it you know! Happy days 🙂

    • Lol, Sue, I rarely share the days when things go awry! But yes, stress can rear its ugly head when we least expect it… Appreciate your support and really hope I’ll have good news soon!!

      Happy reading 🙂

  2. Hi Helene
    Ah a sunrise. Thanks for the photos, I really enjoy them. I am not a beach or ocean person but I do like the interesting sea and landscapes, the light, cloud formations and bird life. The blues and greens in the photo with the dinghy are so beautiful. I have see a lot of Australia but not Fraser so I will put it on the to do list.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Sarah, Fraser is well worth the visit. Kingfisher Bay resort on the western side is a lovely spot. Otherwise day trips from Hervey Bay would be lovely too! The colours are stunning today and with the tide low it’s even more spectacular than usual 🙂

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