A lovely way to start the day

IMG_0003A beautiful late-winter sunrise in  Trinity Beach. The view is from half way up a set of stairs used by many people for their morning step-ercise regime. I hope they all find time to enjoy the changing colours of the sky.

And it’s lovely to be home, walking Zeus in barmy 19 degrees!

It always amuses me that those of us that walk in the mornings know the people we pass by the dogs on their leads. Have no idea of many of the human’s names, but I can give you chapter and verse on their dogs’ lives…


3 thoughts on “A lovely way to start the day

  1. Hi Simon, the beautiful Maggie is always welcome down the hill – and at least I do know your name as well!!

    Glad you had a good celebration at Salt House. I love the NQ ambience so I’ll forgive them their leisurely pace of service.


  2. .. and a few dogs including mine (unwittingly not on leads) .. yep her name is Maggie ! That Grey Weimaraner – escape artist extrodinaire !


  3. Hi Helene,

    Maybe you could start a dog blog as well, or give Zeus some space here? Malcolm Turnbull does on his official site http://malcolmturnbull.com.au/Blogs/DogBlogs/tabid/104/Default.aspx.


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