Spring time and Jacarandas

Jacaranda in BrisSpringtime in Brisbane and the streets are lined in purple!

When we lived in Bris I loved going to New Farm Park, with its graceful avenue of Jacarandas, having an ice-cream and strolling across the purple carpet. Had to take a photo of this one near the hotel I’m staying at…

On our way to the airport this morning my colleague reminded me that Jacarandas also meant exam time! I had to agree, but it also spells the end of the term and impending sumer holidays – something to be celebrated.

Our taxi driver was originally from Grafton and his take on Jacarandas was that they made an unholy mess when they dropped their flowers and they turned to slime on the ground.

So three very different memories from one plant  – and an imported exotic at that!


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