Human trafficking – a globalised travesty

Have just finished reading “Trafficked” by Kathleen Maltzahn. I’d tracked down the book because I was doing some research into the sex slave trade for my next novel. “Trafficked” is a compelling and disturbing read about the horrific treatment of young women brought into Australia, often illegally, to work in brothels where they then have no rights, no dignity and no escape.

Check out Project Respect – an organisation helping women caught up in the trade. It seems to be something we in ‘polite society’ turn an indifferent shoulder to and ignore.


3 thoughts on “Human trafficking – a globalised travesty

  1. Hey Helene, I have heard that greed is the ugliest of human diseases, right now it seems hard to come up with something worse. Betrayal maybe.

    I’m afraid muse is still swanning around in Canada as you suggested. She pops in occasionally but today I’m going to demand she returns and gets back to work.

    Don’t have too much fun in Sydney.


  2. Hi Sandra, pretty sad isn’t it. Pressure on government and the lawmakers is probably the only way it will improve.

    And on a happy question – hope your writing is flowing again!?


  3. Hi Helene, Just finished viewing Project Respect and am deeply appalled this should be going on in our country. It seems that man is increasingly loosing their humanity to the finance god and self interest.

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