Left home again…

So I finished the first draft of Beyond the Borders and thought I’d get a moment to celebrate and reflect, instead my body has decided it needs a head cold to to remind it how good life can be…

View from the Stamford Sydney

View from the Stamford Sydney

Am now sitting in my hotel room in Sydney, trying to remember what I forgot to bring with me and feeling sorry for myself while attempting to wrestle a feather pillow from the tight grip of Houskeeping. Times like this when a girl just wants her own bed…

Some consolation is the view out the window. It seems both ironic and sad that sunsets after bush fires are so much more beautiful than those on a clear day. Mother nature compensating for the devastation the fires have wrought.

I guess, in the big master plan, a head cold is a small inconvenience really…


3 thoughts on “Left home again…

  1. Thanks, Sandy and Fleur, I’m sure tomorrow will be beautiful again!

    I’ve got my own simulator check this afternoon and common sense would suggest I simply call in sick, but I just want to get it over with. I know I have a lovely First Officer with me so I’m sure we’ll muddle through and then I can dose up on medication and get a good night’s sleep.

    And I think you’re both right – once you get to the end of manuscript the body needs to recharge.

    Hope you’re back to harvesting, Fleur, and the weather is co-operating.

    And enjoy that picnic and having your man home, Sandy!

  2. When I submitted Blue Skies, Helene, I came down with a really bad flu. Was sick for days! Sometimes, I think it is the relief of finishing the MS and knowing that the hard work is done!

    I hope you feel better soon – and you get to crack the champers.

  3. Hey Helene,
    Must be the season… My sinuses are about to explode off my face – maybe I’ll get some relief when they do. My man comes home today, yeah! Then he actually gets to do some flying after a couple of days off. Maybe we’ll take the kids up to Mt Tamorine for a picnic. This will probably sound funny but maybe a headcold will clear your head of writing and editing. Let yourself feel all that justified self pity (that’s what I call it anyway, it’s my ‘poor me’ syndrome). When you’re better get cracking again. We’ve got a bottle of Charles Heidsieck champagne here, we’ll crack it open when you come down next and celebrate, life, love and lust. Hope you fell better soon.

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