Love those early mornings

GW and that tree

GW and that tree

If there’s one thing I miss most when I’m away from home (apart from husband and hound) it’s an early morning walk on the beach. The serenity of the ocean, laying the first footprints down the sand, watching the sun crack the horizon wide open with orange fire – each day is different, each sunrise special.

This photo is of a tree that clings tenaciously to life while the elements do their best to destroy it. Gradually they are winning. Fired ravaged it last summer before the winter waves eroded more soil from around its feet. It’s never really got it’s health back and now the heat of summer is stressing it further.

I notice the changes more now I’m not seeing it every morning. I still love its elegant limbs and smooth white bark and I know it will stand for many years to come, even when it’s given up the fight. It’s a reminder that nothing lasts for ever.

Enjoy each sunrise for the promise it brings.


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