And the truth of the matter is?



So my roster’s changed and I’ll be in Sydney for another three nights… sigh… Wonder if Zeus, the demented staffie, will remember me? Lets hope my husband does…

I took this photo of a sunrise over Yorkey’s Knob a couple of weeks ago, but only downloaded it today. Didn’t realise what a deep pink the sky was or how beautiful the morning. Funny how I seem to see things more clearly in hindsight…

My mum is back home after a five week stint in hospital with a broken leg. She’s missing the wonderful staff at the Mater Rehab centre, missing the cheery hellos in the morning. Looking back, the pain and discomfit of the hospital stay has morphed into a pleasant little sojourne.

So the truth of the matter is?

The truth is the past – be that yesterday, five months or five years ago – is as rosy pink as my sunrise when we revisit it in our memories.

Only the moment we live in holds the truth and it only lasts an instant. Enjoy it where ever you are, whoever you’re with!

I’ll put my soap box away now and go to the simulator for some fun!


4 thoughts on “And the truth of the matter is?

  1. That’s so true, Fleur.

    And I definitely enjoyed it this morning. Had a lovely session teaching two captains to be Training Captains so they in turn can train new pilots as they join the company – very rewarding flying!

  2. Everything in life is so fleeting, isn’t it, Helene? The joy of getting a book contract is outweighed by drought breaking rains. Drought breaking rains are outweighed by getting top price at the market, for your produce. Even our lives are a blink of an eye, in eternity. Life is made to be enjoyed!

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