Border Watch is in the shops!

Big W Port Mcquarie

Big W Port Macquarie

Thanks to Suzanne Brandyn for my first photo of Border Watch on a book shelf! She found it in Port Maquarie at Big W. 🙂

Liz also found it in Kmart at Smithfield and sent me a lovely photo, but that’s on the home computer, not here in Sydney with me…

Another friend, Amanda, bought a copy on Friday and had finished reading by late Saturday! Jenni bought one for breakfast today and I hope she enjoys it – something a little nerve wracking about an old school friend who ploughed through English with you reading something you’ve written almost thirty years later…

It finally feels real, (perhaps a tad surreal) and I’m looking forward to drinking champagne and celebrating at Glaskins Gallery with many of you!!

To kick the celebrations off, from March 1st, I’m blogging with Fleur McDonald about the inspiration for Border Watch. Fleur’s latest release Blue Skies is hitting the shelves shortly. I then join Anna Campbell at Romance Bandits on March 3rd – and that is always a fun day in the lair! Copies of Border Watch will be up  for grabs on both blogs so drop by, have a chat and join in the celebrations! 😉


8 thoughts on “Border Watch is in the shops!

  1. Zelda, thanks for dropping by again! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    Blue Skies will be out there shortly – so excited for Fleur. Sounds like Fiona and Bron are hard at work on their next ones so we’ll just have to be patient… sigh…

    Hope Deb enjoys it and very glad her assignment is done and dusted!

    Bron, chances are no one’s going to wrestle you for that ‘collectors copy’ but I love you for being my wonderfully biased sister/crit partner/ editor!!!


  2. Hi Helene I have just finished and loved it, had to force myself to turn out the light last night, Loved it and along with you am waiting for Bronwyn’s new book, along with Fleur’s and Fiona’s. I have a list of due dates for all of them and will be waiting at the book shops to buy them as they become available. I look forward to your next book, with great aniticpation. Ps the assignment got finished and the book is ready for deb as promised when I get home on friday.

  3. Zelda, welcome to my blog!

    Thanks for buying Border Watch – I hope you continue to enjoy it. I love the thought I might be used as motivation for someone to finish an assignment – Morgan would definitely approve!!!

    And a huge thank you to Bronwyn Parry for recommending me. I love her books and can’t wait for the next Dungirri story!!

  4. Hi Helene I got my copy today at lunch time and having got home from work I started reading currently up to chapter 8 and love it so far. Don’t want to put it down and as I promised my neighbour that if she did her tafe assignment she could have it on friday when I return home, and as she has kept her end of the bargain, I better keep reading, it is living up to everything promised by Bronwyn when she advised me to keep my eyes open for it.

  5. Wow, that’s amazing! I didn’t think a Newsagency would stock it! How fabulous. Thanks for letting me know and thank you for all your wonderful support, Margaret. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on Friday.

    Sandy, you’re a star – the launch sequence is now unstoppable!

  6. Hi Helene, Your book had hit the shelves at Clifton Beach Newsagency by last Friday. Looking forward to purchasing our own signed copies at the launch.

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