It all started when I decided I needed to have a party to thank friends and family for supporting me on the journey to publication. Usually a party in Trinity Beach involves staking out of the public BBQs on Vasey Eslpanade  at sunrise, to ward off anyone else wanting to get their snags cooked to a crisp, keeping one eye on the weather for rogue storms, and hoping like heck dehydration doesn’t set in before the next shift arrives to keep watch…  Somehow that just didn’t seem appropriate for a book launch.

I was pondering the problem (with a desperate, sinking feeling as I walked Zeus passed the aforementioned barbies with the sun still a glimmer on the horizon…) when the Glaskins Gallery car drove by with its beautiful logo. Archimedes would have been proud of my turn of speed as I sprinted home. A startled GW was relieved – I think he’d been having nightmares about inclement weather, broken BBQs and stroppy interlopers – and agreed the new gallery in Trinity Beach would be perfect!
Now all I had to do was convince the owner. Nervously, I fronted up with my credentials (still feeling a little like a wannabe author) and stuttered out my proposal. As it turns out, I’d wasted a couple of days stressing. Garry Glaskin couldn’t have been more generous. Not only is he allowing me to use his beautiful gallery, but he’s also supplying staff to help out (including Jason, his son, who turns 16 on the day of the launch) and going out of his way to promote the event.
If you can’t come to the book launch, next time you’re out at Trinity Beach make sure you drop by Glaskins Gallery on Trinity Beach Rd, have a wonderful coffee and lose yourself in some fabulous artwork. And for those looking for the ultimate pressy for someone who’s got everything they have very beautiful hand painted book marks!! Can’t think of anything more appropriate for a book launch.
This week I’ll introduce you to two local artists – Tanya Sarianti Ashworth and Thomas Storrie. Stop by during the week – there will be a giveaway on Friday to one lucky commentor!
Visit Glaskins Gallery on line at and read about their journey and the wonderful artists exhibited there.


10 thoughts on “GLASKINS GALLERY

    • Just for the record I am Garry Glaskin’s brother Derek (The real artist) and I want to inform all that Garry is a common thief who took my art from Hawaii, took his own mother’s artworks sold them and has never paid a dime to either of us.

      If you purchased any Glaskin artworks I would like to know because they are stolen property and stolen intellectual property, he pulled things off line with out my consent and printed them out.

      Appreciate any responses thankyou.

  1. I know Tanya, no stress required… They are wonderful. Looking forward to your blog on Wednesday and there’s a very special treat for one lucky visitor! But I can’t say anything more until Wednesday…

  2. Sandy you got it in one. Zeus was most perturbed at being hauled along at the speed of sound. No way has he ever seen me run that fast (and may never see it again!) You’ll love the gallery, it’s all light, white, polished wood and beautiful art – and airconditioned!

  3. Hi Helene, I can’t think of a better venue than Glaskins Gallery. Not only is it in the hub of your creativity as a writer in Trinity Beach, but the owner and staff could not be more welcoming. A wonderful gallery with vision. Why did you ever panic and stress!!
    Cheers Garry, Karen, Jason and staff for helping out a dear friend. Looking forward to the book launch.

  4. Hey Helene, I bet Zeus was pretty impressed with your turn of speed too! Maybe wondered what the devil had gotten into his mother and how he could get a repeat performance? And isn’t it inspiring that a sixteen year old – one that you don’t even know – wants to be there? On a cynical note he probably just wants to meet all the pilots! Oh and as one of the hopeful attendees THANKS very much to Gary, w’d’ve died of humidity overdose on the beach.

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