Anyone who’s dined at our place will recognise the photo on this page as I am proud to have the largest collection of Sarianti dinnerware and I love it! (If you’re really lucky then you may have a piece or two of your own!) Tanya Sarianti is an award winning artist who also happens to Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day I have to finish my Christmas shopping. It’s going to be squeezed in around a trip to the hair dresser (bliss!), a trip to the doctor (sigh) and an eye-examination because all that reading in dimly lit simulators has played havoc with my eyesight (nothing to do with my age :-D) Continue reading

Trinity Picininis

There’s something very engaging about small children intent on their artwork. A tongue sticking out of the corner of a mouth, the furrowed forehead of concentration, the tunnel vision required to get that curved line just right. So absorbed are they, you can speak to them and they don’t hear you. It’s not that they Continue reading

Border Watch – the launch finale

I’m ending this series of posts on two contrasting images. The first one is iconically Australian. And no, the book doesn’t cost an arm or a leg and it’s cover price isn’t the equivalent of petty theft, but in its own way it will be part of the cultural synapses of this country. And of Continue reading

Border Watch – the launch II

God bless all who sail in her – the book is launched, with champagne and speeches. Just the right amount of both. Helene spoke last holding a bouquet of flowers from mum and Bronwyn, and Dad. (Dad died four years ago, but his spirit lives on, and as he was the author of a couple Continue reading

Border Watch – the launch I

Everyone is very excited about “little sister’s” official launch of her debut novel. Son Andrew and I have flown up to Cairns, and Mum Marie with my two daughters Sophia and Libby will be Skyping in from Brisbane when the speeches begin, while sister Bronwyn and her children Rebel and Wolfram hope to be on Continue reading


It all started when I decided I needed to have a party to thank friends and family for supporting me on the journey to publication. Usually a party in Trinity Beach involves staking out of the public BBQs on Vasey Eslpanade  at sunrise, to ward off anyone else wanting to get their snags cooked to Continue reading