Anyone who’s dined at our place will recognise the photo on this page as I am proud to have the largest collection of Sarianti dinnerware and I love it! (If you’re really lucky then you may have a piece or two of your own!)

Tanya Sarianti is an award winning artist who also happens to paint beautiful ceramics. She recently moved to Brisbane and her art is now available in the Valley at in.cube8r gallery at 368 Brunswick St. If you’re looking for a completely original gift for mother’s day this should be your first stop. And if ceramics aren’t your thing then the gallery has a feast of other wonderful art works by a multitude of Australian artists.

For those of you in Cairns, Underart Gallery stock Tanya’s work and Iefje Boissevain, the gallery owner, showcases even more wonderful artists so no shortage of ideas there either!

Since The Australian Women Writers Challenge has been such a powerful force in bringing recognition to a host of Australian writers I’ve decided to spread the love. Know any talented Australian artists you’d like to recommend?


14 thoughts on “Sarianti

  1. Brenda, her cups are perfect for hot chocolates and long nights reading! Of course her platters, dishes, teapots and sugar bowls are pretty darn special too!!

    Thanks, Margaret, with everything being hand painted nothing is ever going to be the same and I love the little quirks she puts into her work.

  2. It is even more beautiful in reality, Sandy, and every piece is versatile and useful. They are my favourite wedding engagement pressie to give to friends!

  3. Diane, I haven’t seen any of Jaque Duffy’s work but will have to check it out.

    I popped into Underart and come out with a pair of earrings I really didn’t need but they reminded me of Burning Lies so they’ll be my launch party accessories!! Hope you have the 6th July in your diary to come and celebrate with us!

  4. Rachael, they are very beautiful.

    Tanya also does amazing paintings, several of which will be coming on the boat with us as I won’t be parting with them!!

  5. Tanya’s work is more stunning in reality, though your picture does a good job, Helene! I am so way behind you in the collection stakes. 🙂

    And the fine quality china that she creates her work on is a delight to eat/drink from.

  6. Jaque Duffy in Mena Creek is an amazing artist. I too have bought a piece of Tanya’s work to send as a wedding present and I bought it at Underart – what an amazing little shop. That’s where I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping for the folks in the UK this year. A one stop shop – yeah!

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