19 thoughts on “Burning Lies

  1. Thanks, Brenda. My name is certainly front and centre and I’m still trying to get used to it!!

    Thanks, Margaret. The colours are gorgeous!

  2. Love, love, love it Helene!! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Burning Lies! It’s awesome to see your name so big and bold!!! Well done 🙂

  3. Thanks, Jo. Hope your writing is going well!

    The search is on now for a catamaran. We’d like it to be our new home by Christmas:-)

  4. Wonderful cover Helene – and the endorsement is brilliant – well done!! I’m really looking forward to reading it!

  5. Phillipa, you’re a mind reader. That’s my constant daydream.

    Zeus will make a lovely figurehead on the cat 🙂

    I am delighted with the cover and the blurb – Burning Lies makes a pair with BW now. Might have to buy up some back copies for gift packs!

  6. Wow! GREAT cover! Loving seeing your name big and bold, and with a matching sticker to boot. Ahhh … some things are so sweet and success no matter past hurdles is one of them. May you sell 10, 20 thousand copies and retire to a yacht, husband in one hand, laptop on the other and Zeus at the bow.

  7. Thanks, Shelleyrae – you’re very kind! And loved your review of Karly Lane’s new book, Morgan’s Law. I’m a huge fan of her writing and I agree one of her strengths is her snappy dialogue that makes me laugh out loud!!

  8. Hi Hayley, thanks for dropping by. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve sent you a direct email rather than chatting here – although we’re amongst friends who’ll happily talk writing all day!!

    Good luck with you writing and look forward to hearing more!

  9. That is a seriously stunning cover, Helene, and that sticker is AWESOME!! What a fantastic way to grab people’s attention and gain new readers. Brilliant. Hope it jumps off the shelves into people’s hands! 🙂


  10. An eye catching, pick-up-off-the-shelf cover, Helene! And great blurb on the back.

    Hey, Hayley, way to go! What genre do you write?

  11. Hi Helene,

    I tracked you down! You dropped a comment on my blog and intrigued me, as you seemed to have a connection to writing. WELL. You have quite the connection to writing. You know you’ve ‘made it’ when your name is bigger than the title, haha! The novel looks great… the woman’s face is compelling and fresh, the colours vibrant.

    I’m not sure if you’ve met my husband Chad before (QLink Captain in Sydney), but he has actually mentioned you to me before… but the details were sketchy. He did mention that there was a pilot up in Queensland who had published a book. Now I see you’ve published your third. Well done! Bet that feels just AMAZING. Sounds like our kind of book.

    And you managed to get the attention of Penguin Books. Wow. I’d love to hear the story of your journey to being published, or if you’ve written about it on your blog before, maybe you could throw the link my way? I’m just starting the journey of attempting to get published, and am trying to gather sheaves of information as I go!

  12. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    And with bonus Australia’s favourite romantic suspense novelist endorsement. I tell you, Helene, that baby is going to sell it’s socks off.

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