Masochistic tendencies…

Why oh why do I do it….

I have an end of May deadline for my next book on top of an already busy month with two library visits and a QWC writing course to run in Mission Beach, but still I go and buy irresistible books!! (And over the next month these three lovely authors, and Fiona Palmer, are visiting my blog to chat writing and all things rural!)

I doubt that my self-control will hold out for four weeks so I guess I have a couple of late nights coming my way 🙂

Surely I can’t be the only writer that does this to themselves…


12 thoughts on “Masochistic tendencies…

  1. Without all you lovely writers, where would we readers be? I can’t resist either, but I don’t have your deadlines…just need to finish that book, so I can start another 🙂 The old ‘too many books, too little time’ is true for us all ;D

  2. Same problem here, Helene. Too many books and too little time! But with all your hard work with writing you deserve some reading time. 🙂

  3. If it makes you feel better Helene…I’m on a MID May deadline!!!!and I keep getting distracted by all these lovely new releases too!!!!But we’re all hanging out for your new book—-so get busy!!! 🙂

  4. Rachael, you’re so right! French champagne and travel feature high on my list as well as books!

    And I’m sure you’ll find your way into many libraries – you’ll be doing author talks!!

  5. I know, I know, Bec. I should stay away from book stores when I know I should be working!! I love the feel of a new book, the crisp pages, the wonderful words, the shiny covers:-)

    Good luck with becoming a librarian – imagine being paid to play with books all day!!

    And I’ll take your advice and be sure to take some time to read!

  6. Oh Bec – good luck with your studies. In our old town, I used to work in a library and LOVED it. I was going to do my library studies but then we moved to a place where I don’t think I’ll get the chance to be in a library 🙁 Maybe one day!!

  7. ooh a new book – yah! how can you not go out and buy these lovely new books – i have a huge tbr pile and heaps of uni homework but doesn’t stop me buying these great new books either – i WILL get time to read them, plus i reckon its research – i’m studying to get a library job – don’t forget to take some time out to read

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