The crunch of tyres, the muted slam of car doors and the sound of footsteps. The night still slumbers on.

I slip out of bed leaving GW asleep. Zeus isn’t happy at being left behind.

The beachfront is already crowded – ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Trinity Beach is special. As we listen to a visiting French Naval Officer talk of the courage shown at Gallipoli the sky turns pink.

The Last Post hangs in the air long after the final note.

Lest we forget.


6 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Cathy, I have a book about Nancy Wake! Wonderful women.

    Thanks, Suzanne. It so good to see numbers growing at ANZAC day now instead of dwindling as they were ten years ago.

  2. I’m with you there, Sandy, and this morning’s rendition was beautiful. Good to hear you had mischievous grandfathers – true Aussie spirits!

    Cathy, I’m sure this young man has plenty of courage – he braved a Dawn Service to deliver the main address!! Perhaps it wasn’t quite as obvious during the World Wars but the French resistance movement had some shining lights!

  3. Just the mention of The Last Post brings a tear to my eye. Looks like you had a lovely service.

    When we were in Canberra I looked up the military records of my grandfathers. Seems they were both very naughty boys while serving in North Africa. 🙂

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