Border Watch – the launch II

God bless all who sail in her – the book is launched, with champagne and speeches. Just the right amount of both.

Helene spoke last holding a bouquet of flowers from mum and Bronwyn, and Dad. (Dad died four years ago, but his spirit lives on, and as he was the author of a couple of unpublished manuscripts, so does the tradition).

The name that launched her first book - Helene

The name that launched her first book - Helene

Helene was preceded by Gary Gaskin, the owner of the gallery and Jenny Gibbs from Helene’s publisher Hachette (two French names in the one paragraph).

Jenny Gibbs (Hachette) Gary Glaskins (Glaskins Gallery)

Jenny Gibbs (Hachette) Gary Glaskins (Glaskins Gallery)


2 thoughts on “Border Watch – the launch II

  1. Hi Phillipa, it was a warm 28 degs in Cairns at 7 pm and there were upwards of 120 people jammed in to the gallery! Had a whole lot of fun but am still coming down from the high. Back to work tomorrow…

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