Border Watch – the launch finale

I’m ending this series of posts on two contrasting images. The first one is iconically Australian. And no, the book doesn’t cost an arm or a leg and it’s cover price isn’t the equivalent of petty theft, but in its own way it will be part of the cultural synapses of this country.

Ned Kelly at Glaskins Gallery

Ned Kelly at Glaskins Gallery

And of course, while everyone can be a fan, someone has to wear the number 1

Her biggest fan

Her biggest fan

And we all love you too Helene. And Morgan and Rafe and all the rest of your progeny. May there be as many of them as there are Neds.

Brother Graham


6 thoughts on “Border Watch – the launch finale

  1. Helene, congratulations on a delightful launch and a great read. If I hadn’t been gallivanting around Cairns, shopping, I’d have finished ‘Border Watch’ the first day. And what a great venue Glaskins Gallery is: wonderful food and drink and service. A lovely evening well worth the drive. Jean

  2. Thanks ladies, it was a fabulous evening!

    The Glaskins Gallery guys were spectacular and kept the food and drinks flowing. It was lovely catching up with so many people al though I felt as though I didn’t get to spend enough time with anyone…

    A huge thank you to Jenny Gibbs from Hachette and to Kerstin and Andrew (but I’ve rechristened him Peter!) from the wonderful Collins Bookstore in Smithfield. They did a sterling job and sending everyone home with a copy of Border Watch.

  3. What a wonderful night Helene, congratulations and well done to Graham for the great blog! Loved the pictures, you looked every bit the author!
    xx Fiona

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