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Thomas Storrie (1)Today I’m featuring another talented exhibitor at Glaskins Gallery. Please welcome Thomas Storrie.

Like Tanya, Thomas found his artistic ability at a young age. At school he excelled at arts, graphics and most things to do with using his hands. He went on to complete a Diploma of Visual arts at Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE in Victoria and then studied Indigenous art at Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE in Cairns. (He’s is also a fully qualified upholsterer, though I think he’d be wasting his talents sorting out my couch!)

moonlightfigurelinoprinlargeThomas is of  North Queensland Koko Lamalama and Kuku Yalanji descent with a dash of Scottish and German heritage. His Aboriginal heritage comes from his maternal grandmother, Pauline Daphne Koffal, nee Olsworth, who was born and raised in Yarrabah. Her father was from the Koko Lamalama people and her mother from the Kuku Yalianji people.

Thomas has fond memories of growing up around the Cairns area, fishing and swimming with family and friends. That influence can be seen very strongly in his art. At 29 he’s already developed a loyal following and his works now have homes all over Australia.

blueswirlacryliconcanlargeAs a contemporary Indigenous artist, Thomas’s works mainly consist of black and white photo-realism sketching, using charcoal and conte crayon, acrylic paints and linoprint. His artwork is an expression of his culture, thoughts, feelings, travels and experiences while growing up in such a rich environment as far North Queensland.

Thomas blieves that his artwork is constantly evolving and he is not afraid to try new medium and styles to add new dimensions to his art and production.

As well being featured in Glaskins Gallery, you can also find Thomas working as resident artist, painting and linoprinting in the gallery during opening hours.



12 thoughts on “Thomas Storrie

  1. Hi Karen

    Yes, I would like to see the pictures and will be in touch soon.Sandra, I just love your blogs. Hope to catch up when we’re next out your way …

  2. And to the business of the lucky winner of Tanya’s ceramic dish!

    Drum roll……

    It’s Anita! So Anita, send me your details to and I’ll send it your way.

    Thanks to everyone who joined in this week. A special thanks to Tanya for dropping by to chat. Hope to see you all at Glaskins Gallery soon!

  3. Hi Bron, they are beautiful aren’t they. And yes, I think you’d have to be very quick -happy to be a spotter for you!

    Sandy, what a fabulous idea. The Glaskins Gallery Gecko is gorgeous and it would look fabulous in metal. I’ll ask for you!

  4. Hey Bron,
    I love the gecko icon for the gallery. I wonder if I could get one made in weatherproof metal? It would look great at our front entrance. Lyla’s work is very appealing, I’ve always loved that Aboriginal dot painting – it has a name that I can’t remember, I’m sure Thomas will know. His School of Fish and Feeding Turtle are my faves! Oh dear, what a shame I’m on a budget at the moment after some expensive house renovating – not to mention boat buying.

  5. I logged on to the Glaskins Gallery website to have a look at Thomas’ work – fell in love with a picture but it had sold already! Have to be quicker next time I guess ….

  6. Hi Thomas, I sincerely hope that’s the sun rising on the Aboriginal culture flag – very evocotive. I’m always entrance with how artist can use minimal ranges of colour and create something beautiful, I’m really taken with the blue piece.

    Helene, I hope Mission Control will be on the ball on launch day because you seem to have chosen a location with lots of competition for attention! 🙂

  7. Hi Thomas, Love your sense of design. Great to hear you are diverse in the use of your mediums and styles. Look foward to seeing new projects in the gallery.

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