Visit Kylie’s blog and win a copy of Border Watch

Border Watch - March 2010

Border Watch - March 2010

It’s my turn this week to be a guest on someone else’s blog. Kylie Griffin, fantasy fiction writer and contest maestro, is hosting me at her blog  –

Drop by and have a chat. I’m giving away a signed copy of Border Watch and, in the interest of broadening my knowledge of Australia, the question I’m asking is about your favourite corner of Oz. As an east coast tragic I’m going to enjoy peeping into other people’s slice of paradise – the west, the centre, down south of the Tropic of Capricorn or further north even! Looking forward to it.



2 thoughts on “Visit Kylie’s blog and win a copy of Border Watch

  1. Hi Zelda, leaving comments on blogs can be absolutely fraught… I seem to spend hours trying to leave messages on some sites! Glad you persevered.

    Hope you enjoy Border Watch. I loved Bron Parry’s books and can’t wait for Fleur’s Blue Skies to hit the shelves.

  2. Hi Helene and Kylie
    I am the anonymous who commented on Bronwyn’s recommendation to look out for your book. New to this and so hopefully this time you have my name. I am looking forward to your book, have it on my list to buy once it is out along with Fleur’s and Bronwyn’s books once they are released.

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