And the Jam champion is?

Phillipa did make this decision yesterday but I’ve been flat out at work, so apologies for the delay.

Phillipa Fioretti

Phillipa Fioretti

“I’ve found the jam discussions intriguing. There are some jams mentioned that I’d love to get my sticky hands on and some that I would probably pass by.

I’ve made a list and had a think and the Lemon Butter Jam is the most unusual in my humble opinion. Lemon butter is made with lemon juice and egg yolks – do you add sugar to this and boil it to get the jam? And why not simply stop at the lemon butter? I would love to see the recipe.

Grape Jam is the runner up – I think you would need some very strongly flavoured grapes to hold their own against the sugar. Third place goes to Ginger and Cumquat, a jam that makes my lips pucker just thinking about it. Fourth place is shared  – Purple Yam and the Cactus Jam, both of which perplex me, and the one I’d most love to eat is the Mandarin Jam.

Thank you to all the visitors to Helene’s blog while I’ve been a guest. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy both Border Watch and The Book of Love. Helene will be a guest on my blog in March and I’ll put the signposts up in all the usual places so the post will be easy to find.”

So, that makes our winner,  Suzanne Brandyn!!! Yeah, big round of applause. Border Watch will head your way by the end of February.

The runner’s up are – Noreen, Bron, Alexander and Robb.  Sala’s wonderful chutney will be winging it’s way to you (not sure how, but it will be!).

So if the winners would like to send me their contact details at, I’ll organise to send you your goodies.

A huge thank you to Phillipa and to everyone who dropped in. I’ve had a fabulous week, despite constant hunger pains and severe jam cravings…

Enjoy your weekend.



7 thoughts on “And the Jam champion is?

  1. Thanks for the recipe, Suzanne, I will try it. The lemon butter I make goes quickly around here and I expect my lot will pounce on this one too.

    Enjoy Border Watch

  2. Here is one I found.

    4 egg yolks
    2/3 cup castor sugar
    60 grams of butter
    2 teaspoons of grated lemon rind
    100ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

    Mix egg yolks and sugar. Whisk until well combined.

    Add mixture to saucepan, with grated lemon rind, and lemon juice.Stirring constantly, bring to simmer for five minutes. Temp med/low. As soon as bubbles appear remove from heat, but keep stirring then cool.

    I think it could be changed to suit taste. Like adding more lemon juice and lemon rind.

    I tried to make it once, but it came out lumpy and ended up in the bin. lol… Good Luck. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Phillipa. and Helene.

    I’m not sure about the receipe but you do boil it. And yes the lady did add sugar. If I ever come across the receipe I’ll forward it to you.

    Thank you once again, it was fun. I’m looking forward to reading Border Watch. I can’t wait. 🙂

    It’s made my night. Woo Hoo!!
    Suzanne 🙂

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