Next stop Freo, then Darwin and WordStorm!

GW on bikeWe cycled from one end of Rotto to the other, visited the Lighthouse, the Gun Battery and most of the lakes. For me it was a trip back to my childhood at Currumbin Beach – packs of kids running amuck with little or no adult supervision required. The smells of sea, cement and fish ‘n chips, of wet hair, rotting seaweed and sizzling bbqs.Me at West Point

The feel of cold sand between my toes, the freezing shock of diving through a crystal clear wave, the sting of wind on wet cheeks cycling back into a head wind.

Thanks Rotto, it’s been a fabulous week.Bay on Rottnest


2 thoughts on “Next stop Freo, then Darwin and WordStorm!

  1. Ah the weather…. 🙂

    Your costume? You are organised… I know what I’m supposed to be planning but as usual it will be a last minute dash.

    And I’ll be waiting for S’s last instalment!!

  2. Come on Helene, Show us a little enthusiasm! :)) It sounds like the west coast’s version of Lord Howe at school holidays time. Heaven. Shame you had such lousy weather, ah well, never mind.
    On a completely different subject, I just scored my costume for the RWA Fantasy Cocktail party and I’m about the crash into the last chapter of S. Enjoy your time in Darwin.

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