Bikers Descend on Darwin

Ray and Owen in DarwinThis should be titled ‘The people you meet on the road’!Ulysses Club Badge

We went all the way to Darwin to have catch-up sunset drinks with Ray and Owen. They’ve spent the last week, along with 300 other bikers (as opposed to bikies…), riding from Brisbane to Darwin as part of a Ulysses Long Ride, raising funds for Prostate Cancer research.

A worthy cause for a couple of old fella’s intent on living up to the club’s motto – ‘Grow old disgracefully’!!

Sunset from the Trailer Boat Club, Darwin


One thought on “Bikers Descend on Darwin

  1. You’re getting pretty fine with the sunset shots old girl. And I’ll bet there were a couple of ‘numb bumbs’ after that ride. That’s what my brother used to call them when he was president of the bike club in Townsville and they’d ride up to Weipa. Ouch!

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