Tourist tames terrifying wild animal

Mocha the quokka having a drink

Mocha the quokka having a drink

Ok, so maybe I’ve taken some liberties with the title, but it worked! Here you are reading a story about Mocha the Quokka on Rottnest Island. These engaging little marsupials are everywhere – including this one in our shower. We figured it was thirsty so GW put down a bowl of water. Five minutes and half a bowl later it gave a shake of its tail and left. Same time today it turned up for another drink. It does has a larger friend who tries to rifle through the rubbish bin but we draw the line at food!

And because I’m a beach obsessed ageing surfie bum, here’s another beach photo!! Pinky Beach and Bathurst Lighthouse.

Pinkey Beach

Pinkey Beach - Rottnest Island


5 thoughts on “Tourist tames terrifying wild animal

  1. It was a very cute little fella! We did stop by and tell the people who moved into the hut after we checked out that the quokka liked to drop by for a drink!

  2. Not sure about silica, Sandy, but it’s squeaky, white and very fine… ah…. soft as silk…

    Sala, we’ve been plagued with horrendous weather again today 🙂 Just dragged ourselves inside after a bike ride round the Island, a swim with some friendly dolphins (they were in the same vicinity anyway…) and a relax on the beach.

  3. Glad to see you’re making friends with the locals, Helene. I can feel another scene in your WA based future book. And we’ll take all the beach photos you can throw at us. 🙂 Is that silica sand?

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