White Elephants- rarer than hens teeth!

White Elephant, Gnarabup One of the joys of staying at Prevelly Beach has been the lovely cafe at the end of the beach. The White Elephant’s comfy chairs, sunny aspect and gorgeous view make for a lovely lazy way to pass an hour or two, watching the scenery walk by with boards under their arms. (Bit concerned I’ve taken up perving in my middle age, but oh what delights I’ve been missing out on!!)

Sadly, it closed its doors for winter on the weekend. It seems there’s also some controversy as to whether it will re-open in spring. That would be a shame as tourists and locals alike revolve through its welcoming warmth. I know first hand that local councils can often disregard the concerns of residents (the very people who vote them into office…) so hopefully the shire councillors are listening to the good folk in this tiny slice of heaven.

View from the White Elephant, Gnarabup


7 thoughts on “White Elephants- rarer than hens teeth!

  1. It’s a mighty fine calendar indeed….although of course I only bought mine (and two others to give to girlfriends for their birthdays) to help raise much needed funds for children in need…. 🙂

    It’s what any good citizen would do.

    P.S. One which I bought for my friend was signed “To Yvonne, you little hottie! Keep the home fires burning for me. :)” Good humour & a nice touch. Well done lads.

  2. My lips are sealed Sandy! I remember the guys at Archerfield buying one a Hot Firies Calendar when they started doing them. It had pride of place for a long time!!

  3. Wow! That view would have me stopping by for breakfast every morning, no matter what time I had to get up. Talk about bring a charge to your day. Hope the cafe owners get lots of local support and win their battle with the (grr) council. Oh, and by the way, the perv club seems to have a lot of members our age. But that’s OK, I only want to admire. I actually bought my first ‘man’ calender this year – nothing too outrageous – Queensland Firefighters. But I keep in in a drawer as I don’t want to B to think I think him inadequate. And that’s our secret, Helene. 🙂

  4. Carol, we had dinner at the Gnarabar (also run by the people looking after the White Elephant) and apparently the local council is pushing to turn it into a restaurant rather than a cafe. The lease is up for renewal and the locals are hoping to keep it low key. I hope they win…

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