An importer with a sense of humour :-)

In our house there’s an ongoing obsession with boats, more specifically catamarans. Every couple of months my husband comes up with a new scheme to allow us to buy the dream cat (so far we’re still dreaming…).

He came across this site yesterday and it provided me with the most entertainment I’ve ever had on a yachting site.

If you’re in any way boating inclined, or ย just in need of a good laugh, click on the link ๐Ÿ™‚ You will need to wade through a bit of heavy going, but once you hit the main channel ย you’ll rip along. (Sorry about the bad puns but the wind’s in my sails now…)

The humour is as much at the expense of the convoluted import restriction imposed by Australia as the way the article is written.

If sailing isn’t your cuppa, then pop over to Australian Outback Romances and Mysteries . Bron Parry and Fleur McDonald are chatting about being finalists in the 2010 Romantic Book of the Year award (the R*BY).

Now back to editing for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Sydney is only days away – yipee!!


7 thoughts on “An importer with a sense of humour :-)

  1. The Nordhavns normally carry a RHIB as a seaboat. They are actually designed for long distance cruising. The design is based on a North Sea Trawler.

    Yeah the are pretty well fitted out, but these little ships are designed to handle winter gales WEst About around the Horn! BTW three books you may enjoy– ask your libarary and reaad them in order


    All By Commodoere Sir James Bissett.

    Bisset trod the decks of the Great Eastern as a lad of five, wnet to sea in the 1890’s rose to First Mate in Sail. Jumped inot Steam and in 1906 joined Cunard (RMS CARONIA) he retored in 1948 as Commodore and Captain of the Queen Elizabeth. In 1912 he was 3rd Officer of the CAR[PATHIA when she rescued the TITANIC survivors. He later served unde r the CARPATHIA’S former Skipper, Commodore Sir Arthur Rostron on the MAURETANIA)

  2. Very impressive, Cathy! I’m fundamentally a sailing kinda gal, (preferably with two hulls) so I’d get a couple of Seawind 1250s for that money. They may not have the same luxurious appointments but I will be able to fill the fuel tank and eat!

    I love being moored up somewhere and seeing one of the ‘Floating Gin Palaces ‘ (GW’s name for them) glide in, drop anchor, and then start to launch the toys they invariable carry like jetskis, RIBS, kayaks ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of their toys are bigger than the boat we’re sitting on…

  3. New, around 4.2 million, used, about 2 million. But that includes around 8 berhts (including a Master Siute “great Cabin), several other staterooms and crew or additional berthing as well as a Captain’s Sea Cabin on the bridge, chartroom, dual controls (Bridge and Flying Bridge) Single Caterpillar diesel, and a retractibale “Get Me Home” Lugger engine. Full nav and GPS setup, Autopilot, depth sounder AIS (Automatic Identification Ship) full comms, ship’s office, walk in regfirgerator, Gourmet kitchen, Pantry, Saloon. Stand Up engine room (not down in a cramped compartment, and evaporators)

    These are often bought by retired couples with the cash, but can be singlehanded if you wish. They’ve sailed everywhere from far south of the Horn, to above the Artic Circle.

  4. Hmm, that would be a floating gin palace, Cathy… Any change out of a couple of million???

    If I sold the house, the dog and the husband I’d still come up short, but they do look very beautiful:-) Guess I’ll have to stick to the sail powered variety. Don’t think we’d even have enough cash to fill the fuel tanks on a Nordhavn 55!!

  5. My “Dream Boat” would be a Norhavn 55 Passagenmaker, range of around 5000nm at 6kts, and single hand her around the world>

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