RWA Coogee 2010

So, here we are sitting at the airport (one of my favourite places) waiting to go home after four days overload of all things Romance Writing. My husband always makes the journey south with me. He loves being one of the few men in the room (not that he admits to that…) and he’s sat next to me barely able to keep his eyes open having partied way too hard last night 🙂

The NQ girls at the cocktail party

As always the RWA Conference has provided more lightbulb moments than my brain can absorb right now, but that’s ok because I’ve had a fabulous time! The women who make up RWA – and there were close to 300 of them at the conference – are an amazing, inclusive group of writers who give generously of their time and wisdom.  This year the Australian Romance Readers Association also attended and organised a book signing event. What better way to connect writers with their readers.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the conference such a wonderful success 🙂


7 thoughts on “RWA Coogee 2010

  1. Hi Sarah, welcome!

    Busy is an understatement… The romance writing community has been a wonderful learning environment for me and there are very close links between RWAust and RWAmerica. I went to the 2008 conference in San Fran – there were about 80 Aussies there. It was amazing! I know there are many eloops that the two groups co-operate on as well as a Crit-partnership scheme.
    I’m part of an eloop of Golden Heart finalists from 2008.

    It is expensive, but in Australia it’s a tax deduction from any income we earn via writing. The contest circuits, which I’ve found so useful, encourage entries from all of the world and I know many Aussies enter the American comps and vice versa.

    Many writers are on group blogs with members from all around the world. I met several lovely writers from the UK when I attended San Fran. The RWAmerica conf is in New York in 2011 and I’m madly saving for it – of course I’ll need to talk my way into some holidays before then…

    Loved reading the chapters you’ve posted on FB! Intrigued me as it was set in and around aircraft/airports!

  2. Helene, you keep so busy it’s hard to keep up with you! It’s nice to see, too.

    I keep thinking you mean Romance Writers of America when I see “RWA” because I’m American and OF COURSE the world revolves around us–meaning the U.S (not!) It’s pretty funny how stilted my autopilot is when scanning quickly over words. We’ve discussed the fallacies of [fill-in-your-country-here-] centric views when it comes to writers’ communities or writing fiction, generally. Between language and culture and perception of the rest of the world, every country has a totally different reality to convey.

    I wonder if, somehow, there isn’t some way to connect your 300 RWA members with Romance writers here. I cannot afford the dues to become a member of the American RWA (it’s over a hundred dollars for the entry fee and that’s just way beyond my means so the US RWA is actually NOT inclusive despite liking to say it is; if you aren’t rich you aren’t in. Given I used to earn six figures, I can totally see how they might perceive $100 to $300 as “not so much” but to someone whose entire monthly income is only three figures, it’s a LOT.

    Writing, thankfully, doesn’t cost anything. Attending conferences does but given that we are on opposite sides of the world, is there a way to synchronize our 12 hr (+/- 1 or 2 hrs) time difference via email, discussion boards and the like? Bring it up at the next RWA (Aussie ;-)) meeting if you think it’s something that might be beneficial. I can think of a way to reach others, like me, who cannot afford to join RWA but are, in fact, writing romance novels. I’m sure there’s an interest on the American side, in other words.

    Good to see your photos. Your husband’s got a quirky eye. The 4 shots you posted gave a nice flavor of the area.

    Sarah, The Webbiegrrl Writer

  3. Sandy, thanks for the tip off on the SMH story! Loved it!!

    Good to hear you had a fabulous time – RWA is made up of the most generous women who celebrate each and every achievement as though they were the Oscars. Fantastic!!

  4. When I go to work today I’m telling my boss I’ll be taking that week next year off work. As an ‘orange’ girl I can honestly say everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I had lunch with a couple of other newbies that I’d never set eyes on before and we chatted away as though we’d been doing it forever. Such a marvelous, supportive atmosphere. My den mother’s (from our WIKS writing group) husband was helping with the timing of the pitches and he was so supportive to all those terrified women lining up. I hear one of the other newbie’s is going to drag her brother along next year as he writes paranormal and of course we had Daniel present as a writer as well. Did you see the photo on page three of the Sydney Morning Herald? I mean, page three! Aah well, back to the everyday world of attending work today for me, but at least I have more incentive to keep building my dream. 🙂

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