Page Three Girls

How wonderful! RWA made it to page three of the Sydney Morning Herald!!!  I know my fellow romance writers and readers will already have read this article, but for those of you who might not have seen it here’s the link.

The story, by journalist Sacha Molitorisz, complete with some lovely innuendos :-), gets it right. In the current gloom of the publishing industry, Romance (and all its variations on that theme) are selling better than ever.  Who would have guessed readers may actually appreciate an optimistic ending 🙂


One thought on “Page Three Girls

  1. Ugh. No page three girl references please! I lived in London for a few years, and the men I knew all bought The Sun every day to look at the naughty girl on page three.

    What annoys me about our country is that any book with a romantic element gets no recognition unless it was written by a man. There’s a hell of a lot of rubbish written by men, but we have to pretend it isn’t true. I read the newspaper’s literature section every weekend, and most of the books are pretentious rubbish. Border Watch has a lot more relevance than those books.

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