1980 was a very good year !

Who knew that school reunions could be so much fun? I spent Saturday night with fifty of my old classmates at our 30 yr reunion (don’t sweat the maths – it means we’re closer to 50 than 40…) Most of us haven’t seen each other for ten years since the last reunion or, in my case since I missed the last one, for twenty years. There were some who barely seem to have aged a day, still sporting the same haircuts, wide smiles, and full of quirky humour. There were others I struggled to recognise even once I knew who they were.

What struck me most was that the cliques and allegiances had shifted.  I had a fascinating evening chatting to women who I barely knew at school wondering why we hadn’t been better friends, but then I guess we are a long way removed from the fledgling adults who raced out the gates of Somerville House with stars in our eyes and the world at our feet. Even the ‘cool girls’ group, looked less intimidating and more like the rest of us mere mortals 🙂

To Sue and Nicci, a big thank you for taking the time to organise the reunion, including the tour of the school. Those little desks in Harker Hall looked awfully familiar!

It was fun catching up  – I just wish I’d taken more photos!!

Somerville House Reunion

The girls of '80


8 thoughts on “1980 was a very good year !

  1. Have fun on the 400. Oh, I read in Australian Aviation that QANTAS is consdiering the CSeries as a replacement for the 717 and probably also for the 9 Fokker 100’s they are pickig up buying out a WA charter outfit. One thing we can be sure of is they may not buy Rolls Royce engines!

  2. A 100 year old building is still pretty impressive!

    Have just survived my last sim on the 300 before I head to the dark side 🙂 Yay – time for some editing and a quick flight home!!

  3. The original school building is long gone. The “old” part of the school was built in 1910 (wooden) and two fo the “temporary” prefabs are still in use ( I recall them being put in, in 1963!)

  4. Bummer, Cathy. A 150th milestone is a wonderful achievement for a school. Mind boggling to think how many small minds have been influenced in that time!

    Sandy, I love your philosophical thought for the day. It was a very empowering evening with some lovely memories. Sadly my best friend from school couldn’t make it as her father-in-law had passed away suddenly….

    Fleur, it’s worth the effort! I think by this time in our lives we’re making very different choices and decisions to even in our 30s. It was great to discuss all the options that are open to us with a group of like-minded women 🙂

  5. It’s a funny thing, but I always feel inspired when I see a bunch of smiling women. Smiling men – hot, yes. Smiling women? It’s like glimpsing a groundswell of mother nature. Ah, well, that’s my philosophical thought for the day. 🙂

  6. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I have the Picton School 150th next year, but, sadly I will not be able to go. Maggie cannot take the time off to care for her mum, as she is off to LA in June, and I would lose my Carer Pension for the time I would be away.

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