So, what do you think?

It’s official I have two new covers!Β (No, not bedspreads as my silly husband just suggested…. duh…)

I know this may seem a little odd, but Border Watch is being re-released as WINGS of FEAR, complete with a new look cover.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask (as did I).Β It seems the feedback from booksellers was that people were confusing BW with the Border Patrol TV series and expecting to get Β a true-crime book or assuming it was a memoir… Alas, the good souls in BW are all figments of my imagination.

So, to make it easier for everyone, Hachette has re-jacketed it for the smaller sized edition that will be released at the same time as SHATTERED SKY. I think it looks beautiful – although I may be biased πŸ™‚

Wings of Fear, Helene Young

SHATTERED SKY is also progressing down its path to publication and the final cover is out as well. I have a girlfriend who I think looks remarkably like the photo of Lauren on the cover and she’s a pilot too, so I hope she approves.

Shattered Sky, Helene Young


33 thoughts on “So, what do you think?

  1. Eleni, I’m sorry I missed you earlier congrats! I had no idea I have a spam folder on my website nor that it had moved you into it… Sorry… All fixed now πŸ™‚

  2. But Sandy, and learned technical advisor, did you notice the reflection of the aircraft in Lauren’s sunnies?? Gotta love that πŸ™‚

    And Sandy, since you kindly loaned me your technical advisor to start with I don’t think you could be accused of poaching!!!

  3. Thanks Rachael!

    What a wonderful idea, Margareta! I hadn’t thought of the original BW as a collectors item but there will definitely be no more printed in that cover so yes! Better get a couple more myself πŸ™‚

  4. Now I’m going to have to buy the set too. Although I did adore the cover of Border Watch, these two now look like ‘they belong together’. A totally fabulous job. Does this mean the original ‘Border Watch’ becomes a ‘collectors edition’ Helene??? πŸ˜€

  5. Ooh, Phillipa, the Blue Mountains! What a wonderful setting! Good to hear book 3 is on it’s way!

    And yep, I have faith that the booksellers and the publishers know their market. I guess I can have another ‘mini-launch’ for Wings of Fear ! I do love a good party πŸ˜€

  6. Thanks Suzanne. Hope your editing is going well!!! πŸ™‚

    Anna, I have to admit I will always love the colours of the first cover – it’s exactly what I see out of the window of an aircraft. Glad you like Shattered Sky!

  7. Another time then, Helene. I’m scouting for locations this trip (plus visiting family) and I’m heading to the Blue Mountains for a day to gather a bit of ‘flavour’ for book 3.

    I think it’s rather cool to have the same book in two different covers. As Anna says, the cover on Border Watch was very Queenslandy which I found very appealing. The new one is quite powerful, with her eye the same colour as the sky.

    Some people are dills, aren’t they? Border Watch was very straight forward in its presentation, I thought. But booksellers are at the coalface, so they know what people think.

  8. Helene, I kinda miss the old cover of Border Watch. It really made me think of the colours of North Queensland, but I guess I understand the booksellers’ concerns. Still the same great story, huh? And I ADORE the new cover for Shattered Sky! Fantastic!

  9. Oh my what wonderful covers. Shattered Sky is so so intriguing. And as for the new Border Watch, it represents more mystery and suspense. Well that’s what I think. I think both covers are truly great.

    You should be happy with them…I can’t wait to have Shatered Sky sitting on my bookshelf after a great read. πŸ™‚

  10. They look amazing Helene!! I agree with Fleur, very much like crime/thrillers now. Fab, can’t wait to get my hands on Shattered Sky.
    I had the same thing with The Family Farm, everyone kept asking if it was real non-fiction!! Even after they had read the blurb. Oh well, they still brought it.
    Looking forward to its release. xx

  11. Thanks Cathy!

    Zosia, good to see I’m not the only one who collects matching sets! And yes, I was surprised that there seemed to be confusion about it being related to Border Patrol, but then I did get several emails from people who asked where they could purchase Border Patrol. I guess it says something about the way TV shows become part of everyday language. (And there’ll be a few of my FOs devastated that the original Morgan has changed!!)

    Thanks Bron. I do think the covers pick up more of the thriller element and there is a truckload (or should that be plane load) of action in Shattered Sky πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks Fleur! I just hope my Rom Aus readers don’t think there’s no romance because there is πŸ™‚

    Phillipa, I’m on a flying visit to Sydney next week for a change…. Would have been lovely to catch up.

  13. Oh, and I love the covers, but I just looked at my copy of Border Watch. I’d like to know what about the sentence on the front cover: “A compelling new voice in Australian fiction” makes people think the book is anything but what it is. It’s a bit sad something like this can be determined by reality television!

    But the new covers look good together. Even if I do love the original one.

  14. Helene, I don’t know when the cover for TFOD will be ready. It’s being released in May now, not April, so I guess they have a little more time up their sleeves. I do know the cover will be different to TBOL. But it will be hard to top that lovely cover. The woman who did it is a very talented book designer.

    I’m in Sydney next week, what about you?

  15. Husbands…. what do we do with them? πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Karly and your next book has a new name too! NORTH STAR is very evocative.

    Yes, Phillipa, there’ll be a reprint in a smaller edition in time for Shattered Sky, which is very exciting. It must be almost time for the cover of FRAGMENT OF DREAMS to be released ?? The Book of Love will be a hard act to top. I still smile when I see it on shelves!

  16. I LOVE the new cover for Border ‘Wings of Fear’ Watch! And the Shattered Sky cover is great as well. I can’t see any resemblance to bedspreads though….

    So what happens to the ‘old’ copies of Border Watch? And does this, in fact, mean a reprint?

    My husband was just looking over my shoulder and said the covers look like beachtowels, not bedspreads. *sigh*

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I love Shattered sky’s cover! BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!! I do like the new Wings cover but I gotta be honest the original BW is my favourite! All I can say is some people must be a little…dense if they were confusing it with the TV show- honestly! But the new cover is very nice too . Hope it sells a squillion and can’t wait to see them both on the shelves soon!

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