18 thoughts on “Cosmetic Surgery?

  1. Oh Cathy, that’s so funny! Maybe they send directions via email for some sort exercise regime… And I hope the policeman gets through and leaves some heavy breathing on your prank callers phone before telling him he’s got a date with the law!

  2. Sandy, I do think they are looking for a different market. The younger girls in my RWA group all prefer the new cover so perhaps they are onto something!

    And yes, cyclone? What cyclone? I’m doing the coastal run on Monday so I’ll have a closer look as I whistle passed 🙂

  3. Hi Rachael, I’m hoping the blurb on the book will ring bells before people buy the wrong one but otherwise maybe they can give them away as pressies if they do 🙂

  4. Maggie ranfg the nice policeman,HE is ringing the obscene caller, and will keep ringing til he gets through.

  5. O/t Just been checking my email, how DO you send a sample penis enlargement by email, and why would I want one?

    Maggie got an obscene phone call on her mobile phone at 1am. nNote to obscene phone callers, switching off “send caller ID” on your phone is a really GOOD idea 🙂 she is ringing the Police when sshe gets home!

  6. Hi Helene,
    Quite a clever idea from Hatchette really, because even though we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, we do. I’m with Phillipa on this one, I prefer the original and would probably not pick up the new one to investigate the story as it doesn’t appeal. So I guess Hatchette are trying to capture the interest of those who weren’t attracted by the first cover. It’s funny though, must be the colours, maybe I don’t like seeing blue/green distressed, because the yellow of Shattered Sky matches the hashness of the art and I do like it. 🙂

    OK, I just looked on the BOM site and I’m thinking, what cyclones?

    Cathy, if the airconditioning fails, don’t forget the old ice in front of the fan trick. Take care.

  7. I find it really interesting that they’ve changed your cover AND your title. I understand the cover but mightn’t the new name confuse people 🙂 LOL – maybe I’m the only one that would buy it twice! Anyway I love both covers 🙂

  8. Cathy, 40 degrees is hot by anyone’s standard. It sounds like Bett’s condition isn’t improving at all and the last thing she’d need is that sort of heat… Thinking of you both.

    And yes, there’s every chance of a signed copy Cathy! I’ll email you.

  9. We are due for 40 degrees on sunday. That’s just too hot for me. Especially with Bett having (probably) suffered another heart attack!

  10. Lol, Suzanne, I know what you mean about missing the surf. If Cairns had waves it would indeed be paradise!!

    I keep trying to explain to the lovely doctor in Cairns who is kept busy trying to salvage my skin that I eventually want to be sitting on the deck of a yacht writing and that’s not going to help the ageing process either! I think she thinks I’m joking…

  11. Phillipa, I do love the colours in the original as they are so close to the view out my window on a good day at work. I know a couple of First Officers at work who are pretty cut up that the smokin’ chick has disappeared but they all agree that Lauren makes up for that on Shattered Sky!

    Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous new cover soon!!

  12. Hi Helene,
    Wings of Fear depicts a sort of mystery, but I love both covers. 🙂 I can’t wait to see it on the shelf then I’ll compare. Tee hee.

    As for the cosmetic surgery, me either. I haven’t tackled the nips and tucks, but the skin is seeing years of sun/surfing damage. I even miss surfing these days. Carving up those waves was such an incredible feeling. Ho hum…

  13. I’m glad my copy is of the first edition. I like the new cover – the girl’s blue eye and the ‘distressed’ scratchy emergency feel – like you are looking through dirty glass – but the first one, I dunno, maybe I’m a sucker for that North Queensland water and the sense of endless sky and the suggestion that something is not right and the smokin’ hot chick flying the plane is going to kick ass until it is right! She looks more in control of the situation than the girl on the second book. I know who I’d be flying with! That said, the new book and the old book look better as a set with their similar covers so I get where marketing are coming from. Ha! Just had coffee and feeling very loquacious.

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