7 thoughts on “Order out of chaos

  1. We don’t have a spare bedroom. It is a two bedroom flat. I have a bedroom, Maggie and her mum share. Not ideal but it is in a nice area (Kew) close to shops, and to Bett’s Doctor. We did have the three bedroom place upstairs but our landlord sold out. This came up at the opportune timew. Shortly after, Bett’s hip went and she cannot manage stairs so worked out well. We are also lucky in having a very good landlord and have already signed a lease for next year.

  2. Cathy, this used to be a spare bedroom, but it’s now officially ‘the office.’ Our house doesn’t have much in the way of storage and I’ve managed to fill it all. It’s taken three years of muttering to achieve the required consensus in order to buy the bookshelves…

  3. There are some fabulous ones coming out, Fiona and Rachael!

    Sandy, you’ve identified them correctly – ‘those files’ live on the bottom shelf where they can gather dust! ‘Wings of Fear’ are indeed in the ‘cyclone box’ ready for evac if the need arises!

    Before the new book cases, the other shelves were all stacked with horizontals on top so this is a vast improvement and leaves me plenty of room to accumulate some more 🙂 The house now looks empty to me but GW is a happy man.

  4. I can just see ‘Wings of Fear’ (is it in a panic box?), but where’s ‘Shattered Sky’? Definitetly plenty of room left, you haven’t even started stacking them horizontally on top of the vertical ones. 🙂

    Hmm, those files look familiar. The ones lurking in our bookshelf are dark blue.

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