Sense of place

Today I’m blogging over at Tote Bag ‘n’ Blogs.

I’m talking about home and why a strong sense of place is important in my stories.

Come and drop by Tote Bag ‘n’ blogs for a chat!


4 thoughts on “Sense of place

  1. Outliving them too, perhaps the saddest part is that I not only do not miss them (mum died in heart surgery in 1986–I was on a 6 month c9ntract flying in Africa and did not go to the funeral) Dad in 1994. I went to the funeral (mainly to be sure th old bugger was actually dead). I have kept no photos and cannot even clearly remember them

  2. Cathy, it sounds like you’ve found a beautiful home with Maggie and Bett. I’m always amazed at the resilience of human nature and what it can endure without breaking. Well done for surviving your childhood and outgrowing your parents. It takes courage to do that.

  3. I guess, till I came to Australia, basing myself here for many years before finally meeting Maggie and settling down in the early ’90’s I had no sense of place, or of belonging.

    I had a crap upbringing with abusive parents. They did not even have the “ecuxe” of drinking, they were just pricks. Physical (being thumped with a lump of 4X2 or a razor strop HURTS). emotional, luckily not sexaul.

    Maggie and her mother Bett are my family now, and Melbourne is my home. I am very thankful to have come thorough

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