Tamworth Library Visit

Tamworth Library, Helene Young, Shattered SkyYesterday we hopped on a Dash 8 and flew from Sydney to Tamworth. (It was a little strange being a passenger rather than sitting up the pointy end…) Feeling very spoilt after our lovely evening in Camden, we were ready to spend the day mellowing out in Tamworth and that’s exactly what we did. Tamworth, Helene Young, Shattered Sky

We strolled the main street, watched some cricket (in aid of Breast Cancer), sipped coffee, bought some boots and belts, and had a snooze in the park. When we arrived back at the Tamworth Library the wonderful Friends of the Library were in action buttering scones and piling them with jam. It took a lot of effort not to sneak one while no one was watching 🙂

Tamworth, Shattered Sky, Helene YoungIt was a very different feel from the night before as I was actually talking in the library. Having been trained at an early age to whisper in libraries it did take me a couple of minutes to settle in, but they were a lovely audience. They very generously shared their stories about farming and the Tamworth district afterwards.

Paul, from Angus and Roberston Tamworth, was there and it was great to have the support of a local book seller.

Thanks to Kate and her team for hosting me and thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.

Tamworth Library, Shattered Sky, Helene Young

Angus and Robertson Tamworth, Helene Young, Shattered Sky


4 thoughts on “Tamworth Library Visit

  1. Thanks Sandy, it was fun! My voice kept sinking and GW sat in the back corner would cup his ears and I’d speak up again… sigh…

    It was indeed the lovely Amanda! I’m very fortunate to have so many wonderful women in my life who support me in the best possible ways!

    Thanks to you two 🙂

  2. Hey Sandy – yep, one and the same! It was fantastic to me able to support Helene in some small way whilst she was visiting the outskirts of Sydneytown!

  3. Hey Helene, looks like a good turnout!

    Don’cha love cricket grounds? White picket fences, green lawn, old clubhouse – it all looks so civilized. 🙂

    I so know what you mean about speaking loud in a library. Did you manage to maintain a loud voice or did training break in and keep trying to lower it?

    Hey, the Amanda that went to Camden, is that the lovely mermaid Amanda?

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