Partying with Black Cat Style

Black Cat Books and Cafe in Paddo certainly know how to party! Steph and her team did a fantastic job last night keeping the champagne flowing as we celebrated the release of Shattered Sky. Thanks also to Hachette Australia’s wonderful area manager, Adele, who made sure the evening ran smoothly and calmed my nerves.

And of course, a very big thank you to everyone who came along to make it a great evening! It was fabulous 🙂

Shattered Sky, Black Cat Books and Cafe

Shattered Sky, Black Cat Books and Cafe

My Mum, wishing I was speaking slower

Helene Young, Shattered Sky

Shattered Sky, Helene Young

Gordo, me and Dana


6 thoughts on “Partying with Black Cat Style

  1. Definitely, and I meant to say how much I liked your outfit. Very stylish!

    Oh, and let G know the boat show is in May. Tell him we’ve got a secret, unstressful way of getting there as well. 🙂 Might see you then.

  2. Sandy, Mum would have a turbo-charger fitted to the walker if we’d let her! Lovely to see you both and we’ll have to find more time to chat!!

  3. Thanks Phillipa, it was fabulous. Steph and her team did a fantastic job and I wished I had more time to browse through their wonderful books.

  4. It’s a great bookshop Phillipa! 🙂

    Hey, Helene, I hope your Mum had a licence for that walker 🙂

    We had a lovely evening and got home well after my bedtime. Thanks.

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