Unusual places to visit

What’s the most unusual place you’ve visited? I’m over atย Kylie Griffin‘s blog today discussing that, amongst other things.

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11 thoughts on “Unusual places to visit

  1. Tintagel is so tacky it has to be seen to be believed. Land’s End is the same, there is a huge and tatty theme park there, owned by an Aussie.

    Cornwall is beautiful although we did not see much of it. We did go to St. Ives, but I would have prefrered Penzance

  2. Cathy, that sounds like far too much fun:-) I was very jealous of the guys and girls flying the Twin Otters on ski down at Antarctica. A DC-3 would have been even more impressive!

    I don’t know whether you can dive on the drowned towns in the Snowy scheme but we were fascinated a few years ago when the buildings emerged out of Lake Tinaroo near Cairns.

    Lol, an excaliburger??? Some one was drinking too much scotch when they dreamed that one up!

    Moores are scary places after dark… I have far too vivid an imagination for that little jaunt!

  3. The Vatican catacombs are worth a visit: I love the Roman Baths at Bath (Aquae Sulis) The most complete in the world. Have not been to the Neolithic Village at Skara Brae, but would love to go. Tintagel Castle seen from shore is awe inspiring, as long as one does not turn at look at the tacky hotel (which features the Excaliburger on the menu):

    Culloden Moor, is worth while, as is Glencoe, but it would be a braver woman that I that walked Glencoe or Culloden Moor after the darkness fell

  4. I was bloody cold. Not colder than flying supply runs into the high Arctic ( Alaska in winter must be experienced to believe it).

    Try flying a DC-3 into some of those damn Aleutian airports in the snow with an RVR of 1/4 mile or less and a crsosswind to knock your socks off.

    “at 1000, can you see it”?

    “800, anything?”

    “Nup, wait, One O’clock. lights”

    (sideslips, chops power dumps flaps, dumps gear}

    “Adak approach, Air Cargo 24, Finals”

    Land left wing low because of the crosswinfd and swears loudly never to do that agian, but know she will do that many times over the next week!

  5. We’ve had some good ones listed so far – Jindabyne & the Snowy Mts, The Horn on Mt.Buffalo, Middle Wallop (what a name!), Kawerau Bridge in Queenstown NZ, and an ancient Roman cemetery below the Vatican! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I wonder what others will be shared!

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