Hard yakka…

Two cubic metres of mud had to be removed by hand then two cubic metres of stones, plus garden bed edging and pavers, had to be manhandled back in place. The nice man with the bob-cat who was supposed to be doing the work pointed out he’d sink up to his axles because the ground was so wet…

This is the finished result. I can hardly type (and hubbie is currently comatose on the couch), but it was worth the pain 🙂

Helene Young, Shattered Sky, Australian Romantic Suspense


5 thoughts on “Hard yakka…

  1. You make Cairns sound attractive, but awfully wet and humid. I am sure my arthritis would approve, not sure I could handle the humidity

  2. Lol, Cathy, in a former life (paying for flying lessons) I worked as a gardener – I’ll never be that fit again! Hard work, but very satisfying.

  3. I am feeling your pain, Sandy!! (And other half in Sydney ?? How strange 🙂

    I thought we’d found our Transformer with Steve the Back Hoe man…

  4. Oh, Helene, my bones ache for you!

    When we bought this place the ‘landscaping’ was 20mm white stone instead of grass. The other half hired a Kanga and I and a friend wielded shovels and we picked up the entire yard. Then there was the laying of the grass, which you know who happend to be away for(Sydney if memeory serves correctly)…

    We are definitely getting too old for this! 🙂

    I kept trying to wish up a Transformer.

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