Location, location!

We’re off up the range tomorrow to catch up with friends in Tolga on the Atherton Tablelands. I’m looking forward not just to the wonderful scenery, but to the great company – it’s guaranteed to be a very funny trip!

And our friends may well have found the perfect spot for Kaitlyn’s house (she’s my new heroine) which is very exciting.

Stand-by for photos in a couple of days 🙂


4 thoughts on “Location, location!

  1. Well spotted, Sandy! The woodworks are still at Tolga and full of beautiful furniture and art – one day when I win lotto…

    Had a great weekend catching up with the Tubmeister and Mrs T and meeting Kayla again – such a cute hound!

  2. Do I recognise the Millaa Millaa falls? Are the woodworks still at Tolga?

    Hope you had a lovely day with your friends and good luck with the upcoming road show.

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