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It’s Easter and the flights out of Cairns are at maximum capacity with happy little travellers. If you’re one of the lucky ones flying somewhere for a break then spare a thought for the army of people who make each flight possible.

You arrive at 5 am for a 6 am departure, but that army arrived long before that. The caterers will have been hard at work all night. Refuellers will have turned up around 4 am, the baggage handlers at 4.30 and check-in staff about the same time, along with the people who calculate the weight and balance load for each and every departure. The airline operations staff have hit the ground running at 4 am checking on crews, filling in sickies and dealing with aircraft details such as fuel loads, catering issues and assessing the day ahead.

The Air Traffic Controllers will have been there all night doing a doggo shift with the new crew starting at 6.30 am. The engineers may well have worked all night to ensure the aircraft are safe. Safety officers, security guards and Australian Federal Police are on the job 24/7. Then there’s the cleaners, the guys and gals who drive the push-back tugs, taxis, limos and buses.

On the other side of the airfield the meteorologists have kept an eye on the weather and the friendly Firefighters will be checking their trucks and equipment for the day ahead.

Pilots and cabin crew are the front line of this might machine that puts aircraft safely into the air (hopefully on time) so you can have your break. One of our perks is the view. Here’s what Cairns looked like this morning. It makes the early starts worthwhile!

I wish you all a safe and happy Easter and see you back on the blog in a few days.

Cairns Airport, Helene Young, Shattered Sky

Billy, one of our ground crew


8 thoughts on “Safe journey

  1. Helene, it the “Show Cause” notice that worries me. I think it’s amusing though, everyone is frantically getting out of cairns and heading south, while half of Melbourne seems to be heading north.

    Traffic on the Tullamarine freeway on Thursday night was frantic

  2. Thanks Cathy! Hope you’re all having a safe and relaxing Easter. People are amazed at the different occupations that all make up the aviation industry.

    Lol, Tiger is having some issues, but I always think aviation delays are an easy bad news story for the media… Shame we never hear the multitude of good news ones!

  3. You’re so right, Sandy. Had a lovely lazy start this morning, bike ride to Palm Cove and now I’m off to visit Townsville, Cloncurry and Mt Isa!

  4. happy Easter Helene and everyone. Yeah, people do not realise the work that goes in to getting them to their destinations

  5. Happy Easter, Helene and G,

    A lovely sunrise. One thing about early morning starts, it helps you appreciate the times you do get to snuggle with a loved one and have a sleep in! 🙂

  6. Lol, you could still FB, Twitter and blog while refuelling, Sonya! Of course mobile phones are supposed to be turned off on the tarmac at all times…

    Although it’s certainly a good place for insomniacs!

  7. I should probably get a job at an airport. I have trouble sleeping during normal sleeping hours – I could be out there refuelling planes or cooking everyone’s meals instead of hanging out on the internet!

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