A dog’s secret life

Ever wondered what your dog does when you’re at work?

For the last week I’ve been on holidays (read that as ‘not flying aircraft but chained to my computer to sort Burning Lies out’…) so I’ve been privy to my dog’s secret life.

Staffordshire Bull terrier in his natural surrounds

I thought this was how Zeus spent the vast majority of his day – ensconced on his beanbag, waking only to lick the parcel delivery man bearing more books for my overflowing shelves. I figured he probably mooched over to his dinner bowl and had a graze during the day. Maybe he got on the couch and pretended he was king of the house, alpha dog. He probably slipped in a little bit of sun baking, but by and large it was a pretty cruisie life.

I did know that by the time we came home from work he was up and alert, looking for trouble that might need sorting out (particularly little white fluffy dogs who may give him cheek) and on duty as the world’s best practice guard dog.

Zeus Staffy

Never in my wildest dreams did I think he had a friend over the back fence who he spends hours talking to through the gaps in the wooden palings. Now if he was just having a chat that would be ok, but a staffy does not do things by half. His idea of saying ‘Hi’ is to attempt to dig through into the other yard all the while snapping and barking and growling as though he’s somehow morphed into doberman on steriods. (No offence to dobermans of course!)

We had friends whose dog, unbeknownst to them, used to decamp not long after they went to work. It would go and hang around the local shopping centre doing the rounds of the butcher and the baker. Smart dog always made sure it was home before they were. It was only by accident that they ever discovered Β the truth. Someone recognised the dog when they were out walking it.

So next time you head to work leaving the hound of the house behind spare a thought for what they really do when we’re not around. At least I now understand the flat spots in my garden beds…


20 thoughts on “A dog’s secret life

  1. Dear Aunty Sandy, a huge thank you for the delicious treats you sent home for me.

    I have to tell you (just between the two of us) it was also a relief to have two days of peace and quiet. Don’t tell Helene but the tap, tap, tap of those computer keys drives me nuts. And why on earth she thinks I want to go for a walk at 5 am I’ll never know.

    It’s good to have them both home but I look forward to the day they get a little more independent.

    Lots of love

  2. Dear Zeus, I have to admit that so far we are yet to actually see a Koala in the reservation. πŸ™ However, there a more than enough wallabies and grey kangaroos to placate any number of your more, ahem, shall we say bold personalities. As you know, on the outside KC is a mere spaniel, but on the inside, well…there be dragons.

    As Cassa Gryphon is a dog friendly motel you are more than welcome to come for a stay – any staff you may wish to attend you can, of course, be catered for. (Please excuse the ending of that sentence with a preposition)

    I believe my esteemed colleague, Dr Nutta, is on the right track in urging you to aspire to photographical evidence of your personal multiple manifestations. These sessions could help you embrace the many facets that are you.

  3. Dear Aunty Sandy

    I would encourage Zeus, or any of his other personalities, to attempt to express him – or them – selves in words or photos while preparing him – or them – selves for more more intensive intervention therapies.

  4. Dear Aunty Sandy, I don’t like the sound of Dr Nutta may I please stay with you and KC?

    I don’t think I’ve met any Koalas…. I’ve had a somewhat sheltered life… But I’m happy to get to know some!

  5. Dear Zeus,

    KC says she has no problems sharing the beadbag providing you don’t mind putting up with long walks in the Koala park.

  6. The special treats someone bought him from the RSPCA super store?

    Therapy sessions for multiple personalities and OCD and how much they cost with Dr Nutta?

  7. Brenda, he’s been pestering me for his own FB page and blog for ages. I promised him one short blog spot and if we got more than five visitors he could do one in a month’s time.

    I think he must have drummed up support… Don’t know what he’ll want to talk about in June πŸ™‚

  8. You should write a book about Zeus, Helene!! That’s a gorgeous story…he’s adorable (when he’s asleep?) Haha!

  9. Dear Dr Nutta, I think your diagnosis of Zeus is spot on. There is a significant other inside and he’s a 40 kg Doberman. Mess with him at your peril.

    As to his obsessive compulsive disorder? We suspect that is a learned behaviour he picked up from his house father. He likes to tidy up too…

  10. Dear Aunty Sandy (if I may call you that),

    As you have noted, there is prima facie evidence of a significant ‘other’ inside of Zeus – although I prefer ‘inner fluffy’ to ‘evil twin’. His choice of bean bag, plus his generally obsessive nature (see ‘tennis balls’, above) supports this. However, I will postpone a definitive diagnosis, until I have observe the patient closely in situ for a minimum period of three weeks. My bill to Zeus’ house mother should then nicely cover the costs of the trip home.

  11. Dear Aunty Sandy, I lurv you πŸ˜€

    I’ll see if I can stow away this weekend. Do you think KC would consider sharing my beanbag if I bought it with me?

    Big hugs and sloppy licks,

    Zeus xxx

  12. That laid back character in the bean bag can in no way be identified as the fierce beast allegedly stalking with intent to commit bodily harm at the back fence. It must be his evil twin.

    Don’t worry Zeus, Auntie Sandy doesn’t believe a word your mother says. πŸ™‚

    P.S. Check her bag when she gets home.

  13. Still not sure we wouldn’t be removing his new ‘friend’ from between clamped jaws. However we have offered to babysit the ‘fluffies’ behind next time the human’s go on hols. Not sure about the 30 yr old white cockatoo who has an impressive vocab – he may just teach Zeus things we’d rather he didn’t know…

    And respite care indeed!!! He’s the worlds best tracker of tennis balls and should be rented out to the local tennis club. He has amassed a tournament sized collection of pristine tennis balls.

    On second thoughts, we could have play dates and send all his friends home with a free gift – kind of like a tupperware party πŸ™‚

  14. So now that you know he has a friend are you going to organise proper play dates, and sleep overs and things like that? (although at his age perhaps that should read ‘respite care’ if he sleeps over …??) PS Love his beanbag … good thing he’s a self-assured kinda boy ….

  15. Seems our street is full of happy little yappies then, Rob!

    I had forgotten about the legendary travels of sweet-talking Maggie, convincing tourists and locals alike to feed her as she was finding it so hard ‘living on the streets… sob, whimper, roll over….’

    They have us wrapped round their dainty (or not so) paws don’t they πŸ™‚

  16. Could I borrow him to ”organise” a rather annoying fluffy dog that lives locally…like across the road?

    Maggie was inspired by his story and is thinking of ways, as I type, to better his efforts. She was most impressed by the hound that made the rounds down at Coastwatchers, but noted that her escapades to LÚnico,Blue Moon and the beach bins were the stuff of legends.


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