Scout Hat – to those in the know

I grumbled at 5 am this morning when I swung my leg over my bike and started pedalling, but we were on a photo mission.

For those who’ve read Wings of Fear (hopefully all of you now reading this!) Haycock Island, off Palm Cove, figures prominently in the action.Β The locals call it Scout Hat – for obvious reasons – and in the story that caused confusion for the customs investigation as no-one from outside of Cairns had heard the name before.

Here it is at sunrise.

Palm Cove, Scout Hat

Palm Cove Jetty with Scout Hat just to the right of photo

Palm Cove, Scout Hat,

The Fisherman were up before us!

Palm Cove, Scout Hat, Helene Young

And you can see why its nickname is Scout Hat!


7 thoughts on “Scout Hat – to those in the know

  1. You’re a more determined woman than me. I only recognise one 5 o’clock – and it’s NOT in the am! πŸ™‚

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