Rushing Roulettes

The RAAF Roulettes turned up at Mt Isa this afternoon just before we did. Apparently they put on an impromptu display before settling in for the night. (Times like this I wish I had a very large zoom lens…)

We’ve requested another display tomorrow for our arrival at 08.30 am plus some photo opportunities, so fingers crossed 🙂  (Although I won’t be holding my breath!)

RAAF Roulettes

RAAF Roulettes


4 thoughts on “Rushing Roulettes

  1. The PC-9 is getting a bit old to be the trainer for the next generation of RAAF aircraft, such as the 737 based Wedgetail, P8 Poseidon, Cj Spartan (or whatever replaces the Caribou, Embraer KC 390 or Airbus A400 ( possible c130 replacements) and our expanding C-17 fleet ( another plane to be ordered for sure, possibly two)

  2. Not sure Cathy – the ground staff didn’t know either. I have to admit that I didn’t realise they were looking to switch from the PC-9 so I’ll have to keep an eye out to see what happens there.

  3. OK, is there an airshow, or Show day at Mt. Isa?

    I see they may not be flying the PC-9 much longer. the RAAF is in the process of inviting submissions for a new trainer. Either the Raytheon Texan II (based on the PC-9 with a glass cockpit) or the new Pilatus PC-21)

    My money is on the PC-21. Singapore already uses them at their advanced Flying Training School co-located at RAAF Pearce

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