Wounded warrior

My wounded warrior.

A morning on the beach, watching the sunrise while chasing sticks, got a little physical this morning. The fight ended up being a draw although Zeus had possession of the stick so he thinks he’s the winner.

A trip to the vets, one injection and a course of antibiotics later and he’s sporting a staple in his wound and a dinted ego…

When will he work out he’s a little dog…



14 thoughts on “Wounded warrior

  1. Dear Dr Saiko, we look forward to your visit. If your guidance can give some comfort for Zeus we will be most appreciative.

    I must respectfully point out, however, that he will not be participating in any synchronised swimming activities as he doesn’t wear bathers so would not fit the Boys in Bathers criteria.
    (He is also not particularly fond of Vikings…)

    Look forward to your assessment soon.

    PS please forward your account to MBF for payment as Zeus is on our family health cover.


  2. Dear Aunt Sandy
    I am sorry I was unavailable to take your call earlier.
    As a preliminary step, I recommend changing Zeus’s television viewing habits completely and no longer allowing him to watch violence of any sort, including State of Origin. These programs serve only to encourage the dominance of his Alpha Doberman persona inhibiting the full integration of all his personalities, including his Inner Fluffy, which is what we want. Instead, his house parents should leave running throughout the day, replays of Oprah’s final show, followed by a compilation of her Best Ever Moments. These should help to calm the Raging Beast. I would then suggest Zeus watch, with both his house parents, a heart-warming documentary ‘Men who Swim’, about a group of middle aged men who have found unlikely success as Sweden’s all male synchronized swimming team. http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/docs;
    Swimming is an activity Zeus enjoys and that he does with other men. While I haven’t seen the documentary myself, I would imagine that these Boys in Bathers – these New Age Vikings – should provide Zeus with positive role models and alternative methods of conflict resolution.
    On a final note, I am afraid that Zeus’s issues are of long standing and will therefore take a lot of time – and therapy to change. I am not sure if a residential program of three weeks will be enough. We shall see …

  3. Very sheepish indeed, Cathy..

    Sandy, I think he needs more than Doctor Saiko… Appears to be wearing a bulls-eye at the moment. Another dog flew at him yesterday and for once Zeus was on his lead and behaving himself…

  4. And well he should, Phillipa! He knows he’s supposed to share…

    I may be more than a little biased, but I think he’s very beautiful 🙂

  5. Hmm, is that why he’s been taking notes through the endless replay of the most spectacular punch-ups throughout the series…

    Getting ear-plugs and eye-shades now! And booking counselling for tomorrow 😀

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