5 thoughts on “Knee high

  1. Yep, happily married 🙂 Suzanne!!

    And the lovely painter, Darryl, who belongs to the knees is perhaps a little on the generous size and isn’t going to see his 55th birthday again so he is perfectly safe from a rampant romance writer!!

  2. lol lol….My hubby is a builder by trade…lol… I can relate, cept his legs are so so much more strung wth muscles. He now works in an office and well it’s not often I see him with his belt and boots on. When he built this house, well… Hm….
    Hey, you are married right. lol lol lol. 🙂

  3. Oh no!!! That’s dreadful, Sandy…. Do we need bags of sugar for their fuel tanks, chain ourselves to trees, throw Zeus in front of a bulldozer??

    Cyber hugs to you and your back yard…

    And on a brighter note, Zeus is much better and has been modelling all morning for my PPP for the Roadshow tomorrow. I think they’re a very funny photos – hope the attendees agree ;-D

  4. Hmm, I’ve seen worse views 🙂

    You’ve got orbital sander, we’ve got heavy earth moving equipment. Day after our visitors left the developers moved in next door. 🙁 Bugger!

    Haven’t seen the butcher birds for a couple of days.

    Ah well, hope the big Z is better today.

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