It’s all in the timing

Phew, what a week!

Monday I hit ‘send’ and the latest draft of Burning Lies, book three in my Border Watch series, hurtled off through cyberspace to my agent. I’m waiting to hear her verdict, trying not to be too anxious…

Tuesday I packed my bags, mowed the grass, and passed my yearly aviation medical. Wednesday I switched back to aviation mode and flew to Brisbane. Thursday I visited sunny Mackay. Friday the township of Emerald treated me to a particularly stunning sunset. Today was Emergency Procedures recurrency training in Brisbane which means revisiting the things that can go wrong on board an aircraft – and there are many!

I’m now sitting in a hotel in Brisbane studying for tomorrow’s Emergency Procedures Exam, booking our flights to New York via Tokyo (and all ports in between), trawlingΒ hotel sites for accommodation, and attempting to put a blog together.Β One of the trainers today asked me how I juggled flying, writing and training. In trying to answer him I realised I don’t have a clue! But it keeps me off the streets, so that has to be a good thing πŸ™‚

The blog may very well be silent for the next two weeks. We’re off to the Romance Writers of America conference in New York and then heading to Vancouver, Canada, the city where I was born. It’s my first trip back since I was six months old and I’m excited to be finally seeing the town that captivated my parents! It’s been a long time coming and I only wish we had more time to explore. It will be a jam-packed twelve days and if I do get internet access (and have some spare energy) there’ll be photos! If not, I’ll tell you all about it once I get home!

Until then, I wish you happy reading, productive writing and clear skies!

And for those concerned, wonder dog Zeus will have good company minding house while we’re away! I doubt he’ll notice we’ve gone!!



16 thoughts on “It’s all in the timing

  1. I know I am late coming in here… have the most wonderful trip every and fab news re the thumbs up from your agent, and I am sure the publisher will be just as thrilled!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time away Helene πŸ™‚ And soo excited for the next installment of your wonderful books:D

  3. Well Helene, if you are in our neck of the woods, call. We are really close to LAX and would come down for a quick visit if you are on a connection home…will message you phone number when I’m home.

  4. Thanks Cathy, I’ll pass on your regards! Thank you so much for making me smile and my commiserations re collapsing desks, wayward manuals and flat packs! You and Maggie deserve a medal for successfully assembling new furniture without falling out.

    My day was good! I managed 100% in the EPs which is a first in fourteen years!

    And more importantly my agent phoned to say she was happy with Burning Lies (although she did have some excellent suggestions!)

    So all in all, I’m heading to NY with a smile!

    See you all in two weeks πŸ™‚

  5. had an emergency myself just after I typed the above. I had put Flight Simulator up, and was just about to go into the program when there was a crack and my computer desk (as tall as I am when standing, collapsed. On TOP of me! I was walloped over the head by my Boeing 737 Checkride manual, and my 707 Emergency procedures manual.

    Several very naughty words later, I went over to Officeworks and invested in a new desk.

    Maggie and I then had the joy and undiluted delight of putting flat pack furniture together. may the person who invented it suffer boils on the bum ! πŸ™‚ S at 1700 we are both stuffed, our legs are sore and my head is aching from a close encounter with a Boeing!

    Hope your day was better

  6. Sounds like an amazing trip Helene, i’m sure you’ll be living it up…sounds like you needed a holiday lol. I’m sure BL will be recieved well.

  7. Oh Helene, lucky sod. I hate New York, but I LOVE the Pacific Northwest, BC, and Alaska. I hope you have a wonderful time, say hello to Vancouver for me!

    Hope the Emergency Procedures exam went well

  8. Have fun at RWA, Helene.

    If you get a chance when in BC, hop over to Victoria Island and visit Butchart gardens – you won’t be disappointed.

    See ya’ll in August! πŸ™‚

  9. Handbag from Tiffany’s for you?? My fingers are crossed too and if I have to collect Graham at the Canadian border on the way out then so be it πŸ™‚

    Hope Dakato and Jack are having fun together in their new paddock!

  10. Fingers and toes crossed that volcanic ash stays away ! Have I give you my shopping list for NY .. Start at Tiffanys and you can’t go too far wrong .
    I hope the Canadians are good to Graham πŸ™‚

  11. Have a fantastic time at RWA Helene! I’ll be thinking of you all, partying on without me. And enjoy Vancouver – I visited there in 1983, and loved it. Must get back there some day!

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